merged cont.
[opensuse:yast-rest-service.git] / webservice / app / controllers / notifier_controller.rb
2011-04-11 Stefan Schubertmerging caching from caching branch into master
2011-03-09 Stefan Schubertevaluate parameters in the cache call
2011-02-23 Vladislav GorobetsMerge branch 'caching' of
2011-02-23 Vladislav Gorobets- remove find:module:all for single models
2011-02-21 Vladislav Gorobets- Index action of notifier controller is renamed to...
2011-02-17 Vladislav Gorobets- FIXME: added workaround for notifier routes and contr...
2011-02-16 Stefan Schubertremoved find_all in the job queue; fixed session id
2011-02-16 Stefan Schubertadded notifier controller