2009-10-02 Jiri Suchomelraise own AdministratorError on error
2009-10-02 Jiří Šrainchanges update
2009-10-02 Jiří Šrainfixed dependencies
2009-10-01 Klaus KämpfDisable test, bnc#543555
2009-10-01 Ladislav SlezakREADME updated
2009-10-01 Ladislav Slezakrake package-local - don't package *.orig files
2009-10-01 Josef Reidingerfix changes
2009-10-01 Josef ReidingerMerge branch 'master' of
2009-10-01 Josef Reidingerbump changes webservice-tasks-0.0.2
2009-10-01 Josef Reidingeradd new task for safety push
2009-10-01 Ladislav Slezakyast2-webservice-system.spec - grant the permissions...
2009-10-01 Martin VidnerReleasing 0.0.5; Fixed the YaPI dependency for SLE11. yast2-webservice-network-0.0.5
2009-10-01 Josef Reidingerdon't add to package IDE files and generated documentat...
2009-10-01 Josef Reidingeradd nbproject
2009-10-01 Josef Reidingerchanges
2009-10-01 Josef Reidingerchanges
2009-10-01 Josef Reidingerfix db:migrate in spec, as final product run in product...
2009-10-01 Jiri Suchomelnew yast2-users package
2009-10-01 Jiri Suchomelnew version of yast2-country package
2009-10-01 Jiri Suchomelnew version of yast2 package
2009-09-30 Ladislav Slezakfixed email address
2009-09-30 Ladislav Slezakdon't require specific version of yast2-core
2009-09-30 Ladislav Slezak- fixed SLE11 package dependency
2009-09-30 Ladislav Slezakyast2-webservice.spec - fixed yast2-core requires
2009-09-30 Stefan Schubertfixed path for vendor translations
2009-09-30 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2009-09-30 Stefan Schubertignore public/vendor stuff for package build
2009-09-30 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-09-30 Klaus KämpfReduce debug print
2009-09-30 Klaus KämpfPass --verbose and --trace down to other rake processes
2009-09-30 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2009-09-30 Stefan Schubertremoving old stuff before creating packages
2009-09-30 Martin VidnerOne more place for SystemTime.
2009-09-29 Josef Reidinger rename systemtimes to systemtime as it is singular...
2009-09-29 Josef Reidingersystemtime controller is really singular
2009-09-29 Klaus Kämpffdupes not found in Hudson
2009-09-29 Klaus KämpfRemove non-existing lib/lsbservice.rb from %files
2009-09-29 Klaus Kämpfbuild require 'fdupes'
2009-09-29 Klaus KämpfCount errors, add non-strict mode, disable slooow contr...
2009-09-29 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-09-29 Klaus KämpfFix syntax issues
2009-09-29 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubert/etc/YaST2 added
2009-09-29 Klaus KämpfAdd comments
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertadded lib/lsbservice.rb
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.2
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.4
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.2
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.2
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.5
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.2
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.3
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertinitial
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.4 yast2-webservice-network-0.0.4
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.4
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.2
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.2
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.2
2009-09-29 Stefan Schubertversion 0.0.4
2009-09-28 Klaus KämpfDisable plugins tests completely
2009-09-28 Klaus KämpfDisable (bnc#542658)
2009-09-28 Klaus KämpfDon't duplicate test/test_helper
2009-09-28 Klaus KämpfIgnore coverage dir
2009-09-28 Stefan Schubertremoved user schubi in the role description file; Bug...
2009-09-27 Klaus KämpfBump changes
2009-09-27 Klaus KämpfTemporarily disabled collectd in %post (bnc#542475)
2009-09-27 Klaus KämpfIgnore coverage/ dir
2009-09-27 Klaus KämpfDisabled resolvable_test
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfStub 'YaST::ConfigFile.path' to fix test
2009-09-26 Klaus Kämpfrevert 'run' overlay afterwards
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfUse new PackageKit mocking
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfIgnore generated packaging files
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfArgh, version in Makefile
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfBump .changes
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfBump version
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfTemporarily disable failing test
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfFix resource name (bnc#542169) patch_refactor
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfClean up and more logging
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfDon't hide SCR D-Bus exceptions
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfAdd details to exceptions if policy cannot be obtained
2009-09-26 Klaus KämpfMake basesystem.yml optional (bnc#542445)
2009-09-25 Klaus KämpfAdd full D-Bus mocking
2009-09-25 Klaus KämpfMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into patch_refactor
2009-09-25 Klaus KämpfAdd comment on implementation complexity
2009-09-25 Klaus KämpfFull SearchName test for PackageKit/D-Bus
2009-09-25 Klaus KämpfMake PackageKit mocking complete
2009-09-25 Klaus KämpfDeduce the proxy object from the interface
2009-09-25 Josef Reidinger enrich test to show problems with time path for backen...
2009-09-25 Ladislav Slezaktry using true instead of :
2009-09-25 Ladislav Slezakstatus_limits.yaml does not exist
2009-09-25 Klaus KämpfExpect ruby-dbus as a gem
2009-09-25 Klaus KämpfPass the correct object to
2009-09-25 Josef Reidingerfix build
2009-09-25 Josef ReidingerMe really hates spec file variables
2009-09-25 Josef Reidingerfix ntp spec file as it depends only on yast2-dbus...
2009-09-25 Ladislav SlezakMerge branch 'master' of
2009-09-25 Ladislav Slezakmoved test-unit gem config
2009-09-25 Ladislav Slezakyast2-webservice-system.spec - fixed policykit setup
2009-09-25 Josef Reidingerfix packaging (hate specfile, which have % and #)
2009-09-25 Josef Reidingerfinal package should run in production mode (bnc#542074)