2009-04-01 Klaus Kämpf- Disable test (autobuild <-> buildservice incompatibility)
2009-03-31 Stefan SchubertDisabled fix for IPV6 again, cause port 80 will also...
2009-03-31 Stefan Schubertfixed versioning
2009-03-31 Stefan Schubertupdate to new version
2009-03-31 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2009-03-16 Klaus KämpfUpdate with osb version
2009-03-06 Stefan Schubertadded install
2009-03-02 J. Daniel Schmidtfix IPv6 issue
2009-03-02 Stefan Schubertdo not check null rails version
2009-03-02 Stefan Schubertadded tmp directory
2009-02-23 Stefan Schubertremove entries from /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf;...
2009-02-23 Stefan Schubertrecognize exeptions while pam login
2009-02-19 Stefan Schubertcleanup
2009-02-19 Stefan Schubertcleanup
2009-02-19 Stefan Schubertbugfixes for users
2009-02-18 Stefan Schubertdrop tables config_ntps, links, patch_updates, permissi...
2009-02-17 Stefan Schubert- sysconfig and language table removed
2009-02-16 Stefan Schubertmake API more XML conform
2009-02-16 Stefan Schubertdrop services
2009-02-13 Stefan Schuberttaking rails conform variable names
2009-02-13 Stefan Schuberttaking rails conform variable names
2009-02-13 Stefan Schuberttaking rails conform variable names
2009-02-12 Klaus KämpfExplore also services
2009-02-12 Klaus KämpfFull D-Bus explorer
2009-02-12 Klaus KämpfHint at desirable syntax
2009-02-11 Klaus KämpfFull examples on using ruby-dbus and the SCR service
2009-02-11 Klaus KämpfUse shortcuts from ruby-dbus
2009-02-09 Klaus KämpfTools to write policies in human-readable YAML format
2009-02-09 Klaus KämpfFinish cleanup
2009-02-09 Klaus KämpfSeparate tests into module-specific subdirs
2009-02-05 Stefan Schubertfixed login.xml without user,password
2009-02-05 Stefan Schubertfixed curl cause due a lighthttp error
2009-02-05 Stefan Schubertsanitize arguments of SCR.execute commands
2009-02-05 Klaus Kämpffix warning
2009-02-05 Klaus KämpfRefer to buildservice for ruby-rpam and ruby-polkit
2009-02-05 Klaus KämpfProvide license information for ruby-polkit
2009-02-05 Klaus KämpfComplete packaging for ruby-polkit
2009-02-05 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-02-05 Klaus KämpfImprove passing RPM_OPT_FLAGS to created Makefile
2009-02-05 Klaus Kämpfdont ignore package/ subdir
2009-02-05 Klaus KämpfAdd packaging files for RPM
2009-02-05 Klaus KämpfPrepare for packaging as RPM
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfAdd db migration
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfMinimal setup description
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfCleanup of polkit module
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfGraceful exit if ruby-rpam is not installed
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfGraceful exit if ruby-polkit is not installed
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfSimple start script for development
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfRaise exception on PAM errors
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-02-04 Stefan Schubertscr.execute takes an array and no longer a commandstrin...
2009-02-04 Klaus Kämpfmkdir -p
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfMove pam config to rpam module as rpam.pam
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfInteractive test for rpam
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfUse dummy user/pass
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfMakefile, running all tests
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfAdd proper exit code
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfTest loading, arguments and auth failure
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfMake authpam a module function
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfCleanup and rubyfy
2009-02-04 Klaus KämpfKeep a single .gitignore
2009-02-03 Stefan Schubertfixed typo; added source document
2009-01-30 Stefan Schubertadded grafic
2009-01-30 Stefan Schubertupdated docu
2009-01-30 Stefan Schubertfixed autobuild for 64 bit
2009-01-29 Stefan Schubertupdate version
2009-01-29 Stefan Schubertcleanup permissions
2009-01-28 J. Daniel Schmidtfixing spec file to be able to build it
2009-01-28 J. Daniel Schmidtignore package directory
2009-01-27 Duncan Mac... fix ruby paths
2009-01-21 Stefan Schubertcleanup login mechanism concering html request
2009-01-20 Stefan Schubertbugfix
2009-01-20 Stefan Schubertadded permissions to the available modules
2009-01-19 Stefan Schubertupdated docu
2009-01-19 Stefan Schubertchecking module permissions
2009-01-19 Stefan Schubertbugfixes in services, enlarge services
2009-01-14 Stefan Schubertenlarge available modules
2009-01-14 Stefan Schubertenlarge available modules
2009-01-12 Stefan Schubertpolicy cleanup
2009-01-12 Stefan Schubertregarding user record too
2008-12-19 Stefan Schubertsetting/getting policyKit right for users
2008-12-18 Stefan Schubertpermission moved to checkpermission
2008-12-17 Stefan Schubertadded "available modules" to API
2008-12-17 Stefan Schubertavahi-utils added
2008-12-16 Stefan Schubertlogin removed
2008-12-16 Stefan Schubertremoved UI for yast-modules
2008-12-16 Stefan Schubertupdate docu
2008-12-16 Stefan Schubertupdated docu
2008-12-15 Stefan Schubertdocu update
2008-12-15 Stefan Schubertrenamed again
2008-12-15 Stefan Schubertrenamed
2008-12-15 Stefan Schubertupdate to new polkit
2008-12-15 Stefan SchubertMerge branch 'master' of
2008-12-15 Stefan Schubertadding avahi support
2008-12-12 Klaus KämpfInitial description of requirements for install
2008-12-12 Klaus Kämpfignore generated files
2008-12-12 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-12-12 Stefan Schubertupdate docu
2008-12-11 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of git://