2011-02-16 Stefan Schubertsyntax error
2011-02-16 Stefan Schubertfixed if not id available
2011-02-16 Stefan Schubertadded notifier controller
2011-02-16 Stefan Schuberthandle exceptions
2011-02-15 Stefan Schuberthanling cache table
2011-02-11 Stefan Schubertnot needed required removed
2011-02-09 Stefan Schubertcaching patch handling
2011-02-04 Stefan Schubertadding more modules for pre caching
2011-02-04 Stefan Schubertrubyfy Class name
2011-02-04 Stefan Schubertpre caching works now
2011-02-03 Stefan Schubertcheck limits (default) in status
2011-02-03 Stefan Schubertcontinue with caching
2011-02-03 Stefan Schubertupadate cache
2011-02-02 Stefan Schubertudpate cache handling
2011-02-01 Stefan Schubertmake more robust
2011-02-01 Stefan Schubertmake more robust
2011-02-01 Stefan Schubertfixed requirement
2011-02-01 Stefan Schubertrenamed plugin class
2011-02-01 Vladislav Gorobets- added Delayed Jobs as plugin (TODO: use gem instead...
2011-02-01 Stefan Schubertadded caches for all model classes
2011-01-26 Thomas Biegeadded more ignore keywords for ror-sec-scanner to reduc...
2011-01-24 Thomas Biege- added ignore keywords for ror-sec-scanner
2011-01-19 Stefan Schubertchecking if translations are available before showing...
2011-01-06 Ladislav Slezak- fixed patching passenger_root in nginx.conf file
2010-12-27 Ladislav Slezakwebyast-base-ws - temporarily disabled YastServiceTest
2010-12-23 Ladislav SlezakFixed granting permissions to yastws user in openSUSE...
2010-12-22 Ladislav Slezakadded *-rpmlintrc files
2010-12-22 Ladislav Slezakwebyast-base-ws- use rubygem-ruby-dbus instead of ruby...
2010-12-22 Vladislav Gorobets- fixed "Unknown variant type!" exception if descriptio...
2010-12-22 Ladislav Slezakadded webyast-base-ws-rpmlintrc with disabled Dbus...
2010-12-20 Vladislav Gorobets- check if description for firewall services exist
2010-12-15 Stefan Schubertpushed Version
2010-12-15 Stefan Schubertswitching to nginx
2010-12-13 dell- added services description
2010-12-06 Ladislav Slezaksoftware - fixed compatibility issue with PackageKit...
2010-11-26 mzugecaccept system users (bnc#638476)
2010-10-05 mzugecMerge branch 'master' into bnc#638476_groups bnc#638476_groups
2010-10-04 Vladislav Gorobets- Missing text in tab headers (jquery.accordion) in...
2010-09-22 Ladislav Slezakadded API for reading patch messages, added tests
2010-09-22 Ladislav Slezaksoftware-ws - save patch notifications
2010-09-22 Stefan SchubertSetting env. language while calling rake makemo (bnc...
2010-09-21 Stefan Schuberttestcase added for showing patch messages
2010-09-21 Stefan Schubertshowing installation messages in the status module
2010-09-21 Stefan Schubertshowing installation messages in the status module
2010-09-16 Stefan Schuberttake care about the runlevels which will be reset by...
2010-09-16 Stefan Schuberttake care about the runlevels which will be reset by...
2010-09-16 Stefan Schuberttake care about the runlevels which will be reset by...
2010-09-16 Vladislav Gorobets- Create new role with empty name field ends with ...
2010-09-15 Stefan Schubert%ghost does not work as expected in SLES11
2010-09-15 Stefan Schubertrestart service correctly if the package has been renam...
2010-09-14 Josef Reidingerrelease base
2010-09-14 Josef ReidingerSEC: fix regex bypass (bnc#616267)
2010-09-13 mzugecbnc#638476 - without system members validation validation
2010-09-10 Martin VidnerFixed System messages display (bnc#637398).
2010-09-08 Ladislav Slezakwebyast-software-ws - added .pkla file for polkit-1...
2010-09-08 Ladislav Slezakadded logging
2010-09-07 Martin VidnerBuildRequire the more recent rubygem variants of polkit...
2010-09-07 Martin Vidnerreload D-Bus config explicitly (bnc#635826).
2010-08-31 Stefan Schubertupdate
2010-08-31 Stefan Schubertupdate
2010-08-30 Martin Vidnerreleasing webyast-status-ws-0.2.2
2010-08-30 Martin Vidnerreleasing webyast-mail-ws-0.2.1
2010-08-27 J. Daniel Schmidtnew release package due to remaining fixes for proxy...
2010-08-27 J. Daniel Schmidtallow to set all context parameters not only the ones...
2010-08-27 J. Daniel Schmidtadapt testcase to removed default parameter, release...
2010-08-27 J. Daniel Schmidtfix registration proxy configuration (bnc#626965),...
2010-08-27 J. Daniel Schmidtadapt changes file
2010-08-27 J. Daniel Schmidtfix context hash keys for proxy
2010-08-27 J. Daniel Schmidtwrite system proxy settings to suseRegister context
2010-08-27 J. Daniel Schmidtremove obsolete default forcereg, read system proxy...
2010-08-27 Martin Vidnermentioned the changes
2010-08-27 Martin VidnerReally fixed the spec file; recommend logrotate.
2010-08-27 mzugecfixed spec file
2010-08-27 mzugecrename configuration file
2010-08-27 Stefan Schubertupdate translation; added fetching from lcn
2010-08-27 mzugecconfiguration for logrotate (bnc#634404)
2010-08-25 Martin Kudlvasrwebservice: add process_exists? method to background_ma...
2010-08-25 Martin Kudlvasractivedirectory: repair copy artifact in Rakefile ...
2010-08-25 Martin Kudlvasrkerberos: repair copy artifact in Rakefile (administrat...
2010-08-25 Martin Kudlvasrldap: repair copy artifact in Rakefile (administrator...
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease users
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease time
2010-08-23 Martin VidnerBetter message if PackageKit fails on ZYpp lock (bnc...
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerfix spec file issue
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease system
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease status
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease software
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease services
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease roles
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease registration
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease ntp
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease network
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease mail
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingeradd missing lincese header + release kerberos
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingeradd missing license header
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease kerberos
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease firewall
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease licenses
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease basesystem
2010-08-23 Josef Reidingerrelease administrator