last changeFri, 12 Mar 2010 04:54:32 +0000 (23:54 -0500)
2010-03-12 Thomas Goettlicher- fixed packagekit transaction id errors while installa... master
2010-03-12 Thomas Goettlicherenabled applet to show feature maintenance updates...
2010-03-12 Thomas Goettlicheradded license headers
2010-03-12 Thomas Goettlicherupdated translations
2010-01-26 Amol Godbole- bnc #571482: Port to kstatusnotifieritem and a few...
2010-01-21 Thomas Goettlicher- bnc #570615: improved distro upgrade notifications
2010-01-05 Thomas Goettlicher- fixed bnc #447868: columns in detail view not autosized
2009-11-02 Thomas Goettlicherfixed polkit dependency
2009-10-27 Thomas Goettlicherupdated translations
2009-09-29 Thomas Goettlicherfixed spec file
2009-09-29 Thomas Goettlichermerged changes from buildservice
2009-09-29 Thomas Goettlicherremoved check for update repo from packagekit backend
2009-09-21 Thomas Goettlicherchanged call "yast2 online_update_configuration" to...
2009-09-18 Duncan Mac... fix authors again, in sync with spec
2009-09-18 Duncan Mac... merge mess that happened when KDE guys renamed all...
2009-09-18 Duncan Mac... add all authors in alphabetical order
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