turn off faces for the fb like button
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2010-09-29 Henne Vogelsangturn off faces for the fb like button
2010-09-28 Henne Vogelsangfixed twitter share links
2010-09-27 Robert Lihmremoved openSUSE News: from twitter share link
2010-09-24 Robert Lihmswapped twitter and facebook share links
2010-09-24 Robert Lihmadded attribut for twitter share link
2010-09-24 Robert Lihmadded share links for twitter and facebook
2010-09-24 Robert Lihmadded twitter and facebook shareLink
2010-09-24 Robert Lihm* removed post-rating
2010-09-23 Robert Lihmadded snoppet and css for rating plugin
2010-08-17 Robert Lihmchanged look of highlights
2010-08-17 Robert Lihmadded post highlight snippet to index.php
2010-07-14 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/wp...
2010-07-14 Robert Lihmadded post author (was commented out)
2010-04-20 Robert Lihmfixed box-headline positioning and classnames
2010-04-15 Robert Lihm* added translated global navigation
2010-04-15 Robert Lihmremoved statzic content from sidebars
2010-04-14 Robert LihmBento Theme for Wordpress