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2012-01-12 Thomas Schmidtfix position of 'search' text
2011-10-05 Robert LihmAdded custom menu functionality to bento for wordpresso
2011-10-05 Robert LihmAdded ignore-rule for osx hidden files and fixed admin...
2011-10-05 Robert Lihmadded ignore rule to .gitignore
2011-07-18 Thomas Schmidtadd footer for lizards
2010-11-24 Robert Lihmadded border on top and bottom of event table
2010-11-24 Robert Lihmadded css fix for event-calendar widget
2010-11-24 Robert Lihmadded basic styles for event calendar
2010-09-30 Henne VogelsangPoint to home button to
2010-09-29 Henne Vogelsangfix tag metadata and newline in header
2010-09-29 Henne Vogelsanguse is_home to be consisten with the other functions...
2010-09-29 Henne Vogelsangadd opengraph metadata to frontpage and posts
2010-09-29 Henne Vogelsangturn off faces for the fb like button
2010-09-28 Henne Vogelsangfixed twitter share links
2010-09-28 Robert Lihmremoved default border for tables in widgets
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