renamed some files
[opensuse:webdesign.git] / design_concept /
2010-05-26 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-26 Robert Lihmmoved old bento files in a temp-directory befor they...
2010-04-20 Thomas Schmidtthe mediawiki styles are now in the wiki.o.o svn on...
2010-03-30 Robert Lihm* an other table-width-problem-fix
2010-03-30 Robert Lihm* added fluid 960gs
2010-03-30 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-30 Robert Lihm* reset.css and 960.css are no longer in base.css
2010-03-30 Robert Lihmcleand up CSS
2010-03-30 Robert Lihmremoved an other .ui-oo-* class (.ui-oo-border-top...
2010-03-30 Robert Lihmadded silk-icon set
2010-03-30 Robert Lihmadded old class name
2010-03-30 Robert Lihm* switched classes in extended.html
2010-03-29 Pavol Rusnaksmall changes for global nav to behave consistently...
2010-03-29 Stephan Kulowmake CSS valid
2010-03-29 Thomas Schmidtdeveloper link
2010-03-29 Thomas Schmidtadd global navigation js
2010-03-29 Pavol Rusnakextract global navigation into global-navigation.html...
2010-03-29 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-29 Robert Lihmadded include directory
2010-03-29 Thomas Schmidtuse include path
2010-03-29 Robert Lihm* changed class names (removed .ui-oo-*)
2010-03-29 Thomas Schmidtuse new classes
2010-03-29 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-29 Robert Lihmcleaned up
2010-03-27 Pavol Rusnakcreate menus for global navigation and fill them with...
2010-03-26 Robert Lihmadded 1em to the end of sidebar navigation
2010-03-26 Robert Lihmcleaned up blank.html
2010-03-26 Robert Lihmremived *_local directories (abandon way)
2010-03-26 Robert Lihm* added documentation to base.css header and fixed...
2010-03-25 Robert Lihmadded footer styles
2010-03-25 Robert LihmAdded more spacing to headlines and unified colors
2010-03-25 Robert Lihmadded margin-bottom for headlines
2010-03-25 Robert Lihmremoved text-decoration in links. Underline is visible...
2010-03-25 Robert Lihmadded margin-bottom at the end of .ui-oo-bix-shadow...
2010-03-24 Robert Lihmadded widt for tables
2010-03-24 Robert Lihmadded basic table style
2010-03-24 Robert Lihm* changed link color for content
2010-03-23 Stephan Kulowwait for the login form to slide down before checking...
2010-03-23 Robert Lihmfixed typo in js and chaned general link style in subhe...
2010-03-23 Robert Lihm* changed default link color to SUSE green
2010-03-19 Stephan Kulowcancel the click after the login form opened
2010-03-15 Robert Lihmsome changes to row css and to footer boxes
2010-03-12 Robert Lihmadded blank template for cleaning up
2010-03-12 Robert Lihmstarted css-row-system
2010-03-08 Thomas Schmidtinclude google statistic part in the default bento...
2010-03-04 rlihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-04 rlihmceaning up
2010-03-03 Thomas Schmidtinclude the css_local wiki style
2010-03-03 Thomas Schmidtfix jquery references
2010-03-03 rlihm* improofed close-action of login-form
2010-03-02 Thomas Schmidtuse grid_13
2010-03-01 rlihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-03-01 rlihmdon't know, why i have a buch of uncommited files
2010-02-27 rlihmlogin-form close if you click outside of dropdown menu
2010-02-26 Michal HruseckyLittle bit better links to start with
2010-02-26 Michal HruseckycontentSub fix
2010-02-26 Michal HruseckyFixing fieldsets
2010-02-26 Michal HruseckyBasic preferences fix
2010-02-26 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidtset some links
2010-02-26 Michal Hruseckyprint-footer fix
2010-02-26 Michal HruseckyBetter fix for tagline
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidtremove 'tagline'
2010-02-26 Michal HruseckyFixed path in footer
2010-02-26 Michal HruseckySplitting out header/footer from MediaWiki Skin
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidttexts
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidtfix paths
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidtimport local style from generic path
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidtmove wiki javascript
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidtmove wiki specific style
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidtno wiki stuff in shared theme path
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidtremove links
2010-02-26 Thomas Schmidtmake login work
2010-02-26 rlihmswitched to jquery v1.4.2
2010-02-26 rlihmadded a playground-page to test some ideas
2010-02-26 rlihm* set box-header etc. to 100% width
2010-02-26 rlihm* fixed Firefox bug with automatic pasword placement
2010-02-25 Thomas Schmidtupdate todo
2010-02-25 Thomas Schmidtadd searchbox
2010-02-25 Thomas Schmidtupdate readme and TODO list
2010-02-25 Thomas Schmidtupdate bento skin to new design
2010-02-24 Michal HruseckyHacking in Wiki search into Bento MediaWiki theme
2010-02-24 Thomas Schmidtadd css_local link
2010-02-24 Robert Lihmfixed alignment problem
2010-02-22 rlihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-22 rlihmremoved debuging code
2010-02-22 rlihmadded comment
2010-02-22 rlihm* wiki user actions are now in a drop-drown menu (teste...
2010-02-22 Thomas Schmidtchange include path
2010-02-19 rlihmmade some box examples
2010-02-19 rlihmadded dummy-content-area
2010-02-19 rlihmadded boxes with header and footer to extended.html
2010-02-19 rlihm* chanded CSS including
2010-02-19 rlihmsome minor changed to the README
2010-02-19 rlihm* added box-subheader for boxex
2010-02-18 rlihmchanged width of copyright notice in footer
2010-02-18 rlihmadded a sentence to HOWTO
2010-02-18 rlihmadded short description for file structure
2010-02-18 rlihmadded html/css for sibling content
2010-02-18 rlihmadded fixed width for searbox in main navigation