don't know, why i have a buch of uncommited files
[opensuse:webdesign.git] / design_concept / theme_o.o-bento / css / style.css
2010-03-01 rlihmdon't know, why i have a buch of uncommited files
2010-02-26 rlihm* fixed Firefox bug with automatic pasword placement
2010-02-19 rlihm* chanded CSS including
2010-02-19 rlihm* added box-subheader for boxex
2010-02-18 rlihmadded html/css for sibling content
2010-02-18 rlihmadded fixed width for searbox in main navigation
2010-02-18 rlihmadded left column. eg. wiki-navigation
2010-02-18 rlihmadded wiki-page-actions to content header
2010-02-17 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-17 Robert works now for h2
2010-02-17 Robert Lihm* added .box-header and .box-footer
2010-01-08 Robert Lihmmoved 960gs and Reset.css in main css file, maybe it...
2010-01-08 Robert Lihmadded IE 7 fix for image border
2009-12-22 rlihmadded inline-form-labes for login form
2009-12-22 rlihmmade some changes on display
2009-12-16 rlihm* changed view of quicklinks in landing-page-display
2009-12-11 Robert Lihmadded text shadow to quicklink titles
2009-12-11 Robert Lihmadded quickselect to demopage.
2009-12-11 Robert Lihm* changed spacing methid vor box content
2009-12-09 Stephan Kulowadding /trunk/infrastructure/design_concept from svn