last changeTue, 13 Mar 2012 12:52:11 +0000 (13:52 +0100)
2012-03-13 Ruediger OertelAccept all icons specified in icon naming spec. master
2012-03-13 Ruediger Oertelignore empty elements in rpath
2011-12-11 Stephan Kulowavoid bashism
2011-12-09 Stephan Kulow- give the scripts a defined order
2011-07-22 Stephan Kulowdo no longer check for libraries in /usr (bnc#696004)
2011-05-10 Ludwig Nusselremove brp-pie, replaced with rpmlint check
2011-05-10 Ludwig Nusselcleanup pie list
2011-04-28 Ruediger Oerteltry to make sure it really is a libtool file before...
2011-01-13 Ruediger Oerteldrop suse_check, add brp-permissions, drop bytecode...
2011-01-13 Ruediger Oertelfix version number in mktar
2011-01-13 Ruediger Oerteladd brp-permissions
2011-01-13 Ruediger Oertelupdate mail address in xdg_menu
2011-01-13 Ruediger Oertelremove patch (and integrate)
2011-01-13 Ruediger Oerteladded helper files Makefile mkchanges mktar
2011-01-13 Rüdiger Oertel- update contained perl-XML-NamespaceSupport from 1...
2011-01-13 Rüdiger Oertel- replace mail address by http url in xdg_data check...
6 years ago fix-icons
6 years ago master