last changeThu, 24 Nov 2011 13:12:50 +0000 (14:12 +0100)
2011-11-24 Ludwig Nusseladd note to options that are ignored for LUKS (bnc... master
2011-10-10 Jeff Mahoneycryptsetup-boot: Rescan LVM volumes after opening crypto
2011-05-27 Ludwig Nusseldon't hard require boot.device-mapper in boot.crypto
2011-02-17 Ludwig Nusselalso fix exit code in boot.crypto.functions (bnc#671822)
2011-01-31 Ludwig Nusseldon't fail if loop module is not loaded
2011-01-31 Ludwig Nusseladapt to new crypsetup exit codes (bnc#667931)
2010-11-30 Ludwig Nusseldrop cryptotab support
2010-11-16 Ludwig Nusseladd a few tweaks for systemd (bnc#652767)
2010-07-01 Ludwig Nusselskip 'tmp' mappings in early stage (bnc#591704)
2010-03-09 Ludwig Nusselturn off splash only if needed to avoid flicker
2010-03-02 Ludwig Nusselrestore splash screen state after initrd prompt (bnc...
2010-03-02 Ludwig Nusseluse highlighted prompt in initrd too
2010-03-02 Ludwig Nusselfix adding volumes with initrd option (bnc#558891)
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusselrebuild manpage
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusseldocument the stages of the boot process
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusselshow status message in boot.cypto-early
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