2011-05-09 Thomas Schmidtadd another boxshot
2011-05-09 Thomas Schmidtadd common boxshots directory
2011-04-01 Robert Lihmadded fix for global navigation positioning in FF
2011-04-01 Robert Lihmremoved margin fix because it made problems with webkit
2011-04-01 Robert Lihmremoved margin for main navigation; made problems in FF
2011-03-10 Thomas SchmidtMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-10 Thomas Schmidtupdate translations, update text for stable release
2011-03-08 Thomas Schmidtminified css, optimized images
2011-02-23 Thomas Schmidtfix positioning of menues with jquery 1.4.4
2011-02-09 Thomas Schmidtnew translations
2011-01-26 Thomas Schmidtupdate jquery to 1.4.4, keep 1.4.2
2010-12-10 Thomas Schmidtadd .eot fonts
2010-12-08 Thomas Schmidtadd mono font
2010-12-03 Thomas Schmidtadd droid font files
2010-12-03 Thomas Schmidtupdate strings
2010-12-03 Robert Lihmchanged font settings
2010-12-03 Robert Lihmfixed floating bug of footer
2010-11-23 Thomas Schmidtadd new 'documentation' option
2010-11-23 Thomas Schmidtadd new google code
2010-11-18 Thomas Schmidtadd distribution icons
2010-11-12 Thomas Schmidtmake disabled form fields compatible with what jquery...
2010-11-12 Thomas Schmidtupdate translations
2010-11-08 Sascha Peilicke[webui] Fix for bug 637828
2010-11-02 Sascha Peilickeignore '.directory' files
2010-10-26 Thomas Schmidtreplace wiki.o.o with en.o.o
2010-09-29 Thomas Schmidtfix search field obs_2.1.0
2010-09-28 Robert Lihmwrote quick print CSS
2010-09-15 Thomas Schmidtfix dropdown click
2010-09-14 Robert Lihmwrote common js for dropdown menus
2010-09-14 Robert Lihmadded absolute position to dropdown-content
2010-09-14 Robert Lihmadded styles for common dropdown menu
2010-09-14 Robert Lihmadded styles for common dropdown
2010-09-07 Thomas Schmidtadd link to tw translation
2010-09-02 Robert Lihmadded default style for <strong> and <em>
2010-09-02 Adrian Schröteradd missing icon for OBS
2010-08-27 Thomas Schmidtfix link
2010-08-27 Thomas Schmidtupdate lang files
2010-08-21 Robert Lihmadded alignment classes for text
2010-08-05 Robert Lihmadded css for disabled="disabled"
2010-07-27 Robert Lihmminor change to .aligncenter (!important)
2010-07-22 Robert Lihmremoved color from .plainlinks
2010-07-22 Robert Lihmremoved #bodyContent
2010-07-22 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-22 Robert Lihmadded temp. .plainlinks
2010-07-15 Thomas Schmidtremove 3 items from de and en manually until translatio...
2010-07-15 Thomas Schmidtremove 3 items on request of aj
2010-07-15 Thomas Schmidtset new strings for 11.3
2010-07-14 Robert Lihm1. changed 11.2 to 11.3
2010-07-13 Thomas Schmidtmerge links into language files
2010-07-13 Thomas Schmidtchange links to en.o.o
2010-07-02 Thomas Schmidtupdate translations
2010-06-28 Robert Lihmfixed issue with <pre>
2010-06-28 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-28 Robert Lihmfixed swaped icons obs/bug
2010-06-25 Thomas Schmidtupdate translations and translation scripts
2010-06-23 Robert Lihmchanged icons in global navigation and tweaked responsi...
2010-06-23 Robert Lihmadded imagemap for global navigation
2010-06-23 Robert Lihmadded new tango-style-icons for global navigation made...
2010-06-23 Robert Lihmadded default error page and needed icons
2010-06-23 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-23 Robert Lihmmade 404 page in bento style
2010-06-11 Adrian Schröteradd play and add icon
2010-06-10 Adrian Schröteradd trash icon
2010-06-01 Thomas Schmidtderivatives obs_2.0 obs_2.0
2010-06-01 Robert Lihmfixed url for favicon
2010-06-01 Robert Lihmadded favicon to demopages
2010-06-01 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-01 Robert Lihmadded favicon grafic
2010-05-28 Stephan Kulownew translations
2010-05-28 Robert Lihmremoved default :visited color
2010-05-27 Robert Lihmadded new .row_*
2010-05-27 Robert Lihmadded :visited colour:wq
2010-05-27 Robert Lihmset padding for box-footer in e.g. wiki to 0
2010-05-26 Stephan Kulowadding novell, rescaling amd
2010-05-25 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-25 Robert Lihmfixed focus issues for keyboard user
2010-05-21 Thomas Schmidtadd sponsor images
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmremoved wrong :hover
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmremoved a button class originally from software.o.o
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmadded default style for buttons
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmadded button style
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmadded green gradient graphic
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmadded more whitespace for <hr>
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmadded <hr /> style
2010-05-21 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmall links have now by default a cursor:pointer;
2010-05-21 Robert Lihmadded Tango Icon Set
2010-05-20 Thomas Schmidtremove baseline alignment
2010-05-07 Thomas Schmidtfix links
2010-05-07 Thomas Schmidtupdate navigation menu
2010-04-27 Robert LihmMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-27 Robert Lihmadded print.css
2010-04-27 Robert Lihmadded simple print.css (will be extended soon)
2010-04-27 Robert Lihmremoved wrong class from footer
2010-04-23 Stephan Kulowleave the login form open in webkit too
2010-04-23 Robert Lihmchanged selectors for label styles
2010-04-23 Robert Lihmadded alias for .centered => .aligncenter
2010-04-23 Robert Lihmadded .centered class
2010-04-23 Robert Lihmadded <label> to demo-pages
2010-04-23 Robert Lihmadded js to show/hode overlaying label at searchform...