rethrow exception. no lock timeout
[opensuse:sxkeeper.git] / src / de / suse / backends /
2008-07-01 digitaltommrethrow exception. no lock timeout
2008-06-30 digitaltommbe more robust against server encoding settings
2008-06-20 digitaltommdon't use default indexes for now
2008-06-20 digitaltommfix lastChangedBy content
2008-06-17 digitaltommchange container config
2008-06-16 digitaltommadded community notifications, removed authentication
2008-06-15 digitaltommcleanup, prettier html outout
2008-06-11 digitaltommrefactoring of sxkeeper core.
2008-05-28 digitaltommuse templates, compact container on close, fix removal...
2008-05-27 digitaltommmuch simpler querystring manipulation
2008-05-14 digitaltomm- add custom errorcodes
2008-05-05 digitaltommturn off query stats
2008-04-30 digitaltommsome changes to test the memory footprint
2008-04-30 digitaltommdelete these results, too
2008-04-30 digitaltommdeleting some objects manually
2008-04-28 digitaltommupdate for new dbxml 2.4.11, remove xflaim stuff
2008-04-28 digitaltommremove stacktrace on parsing error, catch xupdate expre...
2008-04-25 digitaltommconfig change
2008-04-07 digitaltommtry again
2008-04-07 digitaltommremove versioning info from schema
2008-03-25 digitaltommremove unneeded stuff, fix uniqueid for multithreaded...
2008-03-19 digitaltommready for next dbxml
2008-03-05 digitaltommprepare switch to dbxml 2.4
2008-03-02 digitaltommrun on new dbxml beta
2008-02-21 digitaltommnew timeout
2008-02-08 digitaltommremove error code
2008-02-08 digitaltommtry to fix a possible race condition
2008-02-06 digitaltommtest some new locking settings
2008-02-06 digitaltommincrease lockers
2008-02-05 digitaltomm(no commit message)
2008-01-21 digitaltommrun post triggers after committing transaction
2007-11-29 digitaltommimprove message
2007-11-06 digitaltommadded new xcl check
2007-10-26 digitaltommseperate function for query string manipulation
2007-10-22 digitaltommbetter error output
2007-10-04 digitaltommoutput for sync error
2007-10-02 digitaltommchange interface of triggers, make -donotify switch...
2007-09-28 digitaltommstarting the concept of triggers:
2007-09-25 digitaltommdelete history and sequence files when deleting a container
2007-08-14 digitaltommbetter error messages
2007-07-27 digitaltommmethod not available in shipped dbxml
2007-07-23 digitaltommexpect a request to be timed out after 60 seconds
2007-07-23 digitaltommset a query timeout value
2007-07-20 digitaltommchange method of document loading for bulkdownload
2007-06-12 digitaltommbetter error-handling for rpc interface
2007-06-11 digitaltommfirst working version of bulkdownload
2007-06-05 digitaltommfix deadlock condition in sxconvert
2007-05-24 digitaltommmoved Resultlist to result package,
2007-05-21 digitaltommcommitting new result lists.
2007-05-15 digitaltommuse raw format
2007-05-10 digitaltommdon't use dbxmldocument for now
2007-05-03 digitaltommautomatically add indexes on default sxkeeper elements...
2007-04-30 digitaltommenhance dbxml revisionquery speed
2007-04-30 digitaltommadd syncs for large dbxml transactions, remove unused...
2007-04-30 digitaltommcheckpointing dbxml logfiles on container sync
2007-04-30 digitaltommdon't use not yet implemented classes ;-)
2007-04-27 digitaltommadded SXDocument classes for the different backends...
2007-04-23 digitaltommindex creation is done via the backend interface for...
2007-04-23 kfreitagtransactions got lost
2007-04-20 digitaltommprovide api to create indexes regardless of used backend
2007-04-03 digitaltommmake db cache size a config option,
2007-04-02 digitaltommbackends can tell their type
2007-02-21 digitaltommmethods for query by xpath and query all
2007-02-19 digitaltommfirst version of xflaim backend
2007-02-19 digitaltommworking on exchangeable database backend