2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilDefault values of susereport
2009-07-27 Michal Vyskocilget_product_platform uses regexp for parsing
2009-07-27 Michal Vyskociladd platform to susereport
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilMove cli.get_product to util.get_product_platform
2009-07-27 Michal Vyskociladd a platform field to bug report
2009-07-27 Michal Vyskociluse summary, correct save of severities
2009-07-27 Michal Vyskocilrename title to summary
2009-07-27 Michal Vyskociladded resp= argument to select
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilAdded a component field
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilInitial implementation of bug reporting
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilBugReport.kwargs returns a dictionary with values
2009-07-27 Michal Vyskociladd attachement question
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilMoved cli functions to submodule
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilMove assignee selection logic to
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilIterations in BugReport
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilTest is package is in SYSTEM_REPO
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilUse SYSTEM_REPO instead of magic string
2009-07-27 Michal VyskocilFixed a bug in not_yet_implemented
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskocilraw_input_preselected function
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskocilnew BugReport class
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskocilproduct information gathering
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskocilfill a not_yet_implemented in non implemented parts...
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskocilsome empty lines for nicer output
2009-07-23 Michal VyskocilBSClient returns emails instead of userid
2009-07-23 Michal VyskocilPackageInfoDispatcher should returns a client
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskocilrefactor BSClient
2009-07-23 Michal VyskocilThe first interactive prototype of susereport
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskocilmissing import threading
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskociltest of non existing package
2009-07-23 Michal VyskocilPackageInfoDispatches refactor
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskociladded with unittests of PackageInfoDispatcher...
2009-07-23 Michal Vyskocilmoved commented code to
2009-07-22 Michal VyskocilCOPYING and README for susereport
2009-07-22 Michal VyskocilAn intital commit