last changeThu, 22 Jul 2010 12:58:55 +0000 (14:58 +0200)
2010-07-22 Robert Schweikertsplit README into two section, improve wording master
2010-06-14 Michal Vyskocilcheck if asignee and cc are valid email adresses
2010-06-14 Michal Vyskocilmake screening team a default assignee if load fails
2010-06-14 Michal Vyskocildo not select an another product/platform by default
2010-06-14 Michal Vyskocildo not print stack traces on some exceptions
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocilfix too greedy regexes for disturl parsing
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocilsave report to file
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocilwrite list of CC as a string
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocilimprove help message in GET_ASSIGNEE
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocildo not rewrite assigned_to by cc
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocildo not end on enhancenment, just ask again
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocilremove uneeded repository names
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocilget rid of unecessary RPMInfo
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocilmake BSClient and DefaultClient more reliable
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocilhandle the dispatcher error
2010-06-10 Michal Vyskocilhandle of multiple packages provides one symbol
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