filehint is a string not an integer :-(
[opensuse:susefox.git] / pfs / web / pfs.sqlite
2009-09-27 Wolfgang Rosenauerfilehint is a string not an integer :-(
2009-09-27 Wolfgang RosenauerRecreated pfs.sqlite
2009-09-26 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded moonlight-plugin as application/x-silverlight...
2009-09-13 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded gnash and swfdec for 11.2
2009-09-13 Wolfgang RosenauerUpdated with new db.sql
2009-07-02 Wolfgang RosenauerAdd Java entries for 11.1
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerImproved data
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerUpdated TODO and added other flash plugins
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerAdd db.sql to create a db and updated the database
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerFix function name
2009-06-14 Wolfgang RosenauerInitial git import