Added moonlight-plugin as application/x-silverlight handler
[opensuse:susefox.git] / content /
2009-07-11 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed UI glitch with the disabled radio button and...
2009-07-10 Wolfgang RosenauerPlugin installer wizard is skipping the results page...
2009-07-10 Wolfgang RosenauerAllow managing "content plug-ins" in every case but...
2009-07-02 Wolfgang RosenauerRemove the bug reporting hint for missing upstream...
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerIn case distribution.version is not set don't fail...
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerUse distribution.version as distributionID for PFS...
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed persistence of the plugin manager menu/statusbar...
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed mNeedsRestart always being true
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerVarious fixes
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerFix parameter
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerFix function name
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerLot of merges to pluginInstallerWizard.js
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerMerge more stuff to plugin wizard
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerReplace icon with a SUSE one
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerMark plugin install wizard
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerFix alternative plugin overlay
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerRename wizard title to mark it as "openSUSE" specific
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerRename files
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerStyle improvements
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerWrap reloadPlugins() into try catch
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed locales and more merges for pluginInstallerWizard.js
2009-06-14 Wolfgang RosenauerInitial git import