Add Java entries for 11.1
[opensuse:susefox.git] / install.rdf
2009-07-01 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded nl locale from Freek de Kruijf
2009-06-30 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded localized install.rdf descriptions and renamed...
2009-06-29 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded de description
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerBump version to 1.0
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded homepageURL
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerImproved addon name and description
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerCleanup meta information
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerFix install.rdf
2009-06-14 Wolfgang RosenauerInitial git import