2012-06-26 Wolfgang Rosenauermanage content plugins window now has window close... master
2011-12-07 Wolfgang Rosenauerreally update database
2011-12-07 Wolfgang Rosenauerupdate uuid module to Python 2.7 version
2011-12-07 Wolfgang Rosenauerupdated db with 12.1 data
2011-12-07 Wolfgang Rosenaueradd 12.1 data
2011-11-08 Wolfgang Rosenauerremove statusbar stuff
2011-10-20 Wolfgang Rosenauermark compatible up to Firefox 9
2011-09-14 Wolfgang Rosenauermark compatible up to 7.0
2011-05-21 Wolfgang Rosenauercompatible with FF5
2011-03-01 Wolfgang Rosenauerreally include 11.4 in db
2011-03-01 Wolfgang Rosenauer11.4 db update
2010-10-07 Wolfgang Rosenauerwiki page moved again slightly
2010-10-06 Wolfgang RosenauerUpdated link to openSUSE wiki page (homepage)
2010-09-08 Wolfgang RosenauerMistake in cs-CZ locale (bnc#637368)
2010-08-06 Wolfgang RosenauerPrepare 11.4 for the future
2010-08-06 Wolfgang RosenauerCompatibility with Firefox 4
2010-08-06 Wolfgang RosenauerCommit outstanding changes
2010-07-07 Wolfgang RosenauerAdd 11.3
2010-06-09 Wolfgang RosenauerAlso update chrome.manifest for HU
2010-06-08 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded hu translation by Kalman Kemenczy. (bnc#614307)
2009-12-06 Wolfgang RosenauerMerge and FF3.6 compat
2009-10-26 Wolfgang RosenauerRecreated database susefox_1.0
2009-10-26 Wolfgang RosenauerInstall flash-player from update repo in 11.1
2009-10-23 Wolfgang Rosenauerbnc#549496: No need for an error dialog if the item...
2009-10-23 Wolfgang RosenauerRecreated pfs.sqlite with current 11.2 data
2009-10-23 Wolfgang Rosenauer11.2 YMPs are available now
2009-09-28 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed syntax error in install.rdf
2009-09-27 Wolfgang Rosenauerdescription is also a string
2009-09-27 Wolfgang Rosenauerfilehint is a string not an integer :-(
2009-09-27 Wolfgang RosenauerRecreated pfs.sqlite
2009-09-27 Wolfgang RosenauerSplit sql load files into distributions
2009-09-26 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded moonlight-plugin as application/x-silverlight...
2009-09-24 Wolfgang RosenauerSwitch to new alias
2009-09-24 Wolfgang RosenauerUse new more official backend at
2009-09-21 Wolfgang RosenauerTranslate install.rdf for pt-BR
2009-09-21 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed filehint2name which was broken because of missing...
2009-09-21 Wolfgang RosenauerAdd pt-BR in install.rdf (not translated yet)
2009-09-21 Wolfgang RosenauerMake filehint2name distributionID aware
2009-09-17 Wolfgang RosenauerAdd pt-BR translations from Luiz Fernando Ranghetti
2009-09-13 Wolfgang RosenauerAdd homepageURL also for en-US
2009-09-13 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded gnash and swfdec for 11.2
2009-09-13 Wolfgang RosenauerUpdated with new db.sql
2009-09-13 Wolfgang RosenauerUse correct URL for 11.2
2009-09-13 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded Adobe Flash for 11.2
2009-07-20 Wolfgang RosenauerHandle db file location a _bit_ better
2009-07-20 Wolfgang Rosenauerpython debugging should be off for live systems
2009-07-11 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed UI glitch with the disabled radio button and...
2009-07-10 Wolfgang RosenauerPlugin installer wizard is skipping the results page...
2009-07-10 Wolfgang RosenauerAllow managing "content plug-ins" in every case but...
2009-07-10 Wolfgang RosenauerReference new susefox homepage in install.rdf
2009-07-03 Wolfgang RosenauerAdd it locale as provided by Andrea Turrini
2009-07-02 Wolfgang RosenauerRemove the bug reporting hint for missing upstream...
2009-07-02 Wolfgang RosenauerAdd Java entries for 11.1
2009-07-02 Wolfgang RosenauerRemove superfluous select field
2009-07-01 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded nl locale from Freek de Kruijf
2009-06-30 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded localized install.rdf descriptions and renamed...
2009-06-29 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded de description
2009-06-29 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded cs-CZ and sk-SK locales provided by Pavol Rusnak...
2009-06-29 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded ca and es-ES locales
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerIn case distribution.version is not set don't fail...
2009-06-22 Wolfgang Rosenauerupdated TODO
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerBump version to 1.0
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerRemoved fixed stuff from TODO
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerUse distribution.version as distributionID for PFS...
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerImproved data
2009-06-22 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed persistence of the plugin manager menu/statusbar...
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerNote new bug in TODO
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed mNeedsRestart always being true
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerAdded homepageURL
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerImproved addon name and description
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerImproved translations
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerImproved descriptions
2009-06-21 Wolfgang RosenauerUpdated TODO and added other flash plugins
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerCleanup meta information
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerUpdated TODO
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerAdd db.sql to create a db and updated the database
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerUpdated TODO
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerVarious fixes
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerFix parameter
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerFix function name
2009-06-17 Wolfgang Rosenauerfix 1_singlecontent.html testcase
2009-06-17 Wolfgang RosenauerLot of merges to pluginInstallerWizard.js
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerMerge more stuff to plugin wizard
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerReplace icon with a SUSE one
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerRemoved pluginGlue.js
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerMark plugin install wizard
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerFix alternative plugin overlay
2009-06-15 Wolfgang Rosenauerdon't ship pluginGlue.js
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerRename wizard title to mark it as "openSUSE" specific
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerDisable alternatePlugin stuff for now
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerRename files
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed filehint2name path
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerFix install.rdf
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerStyle improvements
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerWrap reloadPlugins() into try catch
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerRemove non-existant overlay
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed locales and more merges for pluginInstallerWizard.js
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerFixed locales
2009-06-15 Wolfgang RosenauerRename and delete some locale files
2009-06-14 Wolfgang RosenauerInitial git import