enhance html output
[opensuse:supportability-analysis-module.git] / sam
2009-03-20 David Sterbaenhance html output
2009-03-20 David Sterbarename sam cache directory
2009-03-20 David Sterbaoption to skip md5 checks
2009-03-20 David Sterbaprint per package summary to log always
2009-03-20 David Sterbaalways create log file
2009-03-20 David Sterbacheck freshness of repos
2009-03-20 David SterbaMerge branch 'master' of git@git.opensuse.org:projects...
2009-03-20 David Sterbaunify names of config variables
2009-03-20 David Sterbaoptional skip of repos not matching installed products
2009-03-20 David Sterbaprint fatal error to screen
2009-03-19 David Sterbaminor fixes
2009-03-19 David Sterbaprebare base infrastructure for studio-based configs
2009-03-19 David Sterbaupdate help message
2009-03-19 David Sterbaselectable repository config schema
2009-03-18 David Sterbaoptional test for: skip repos for not installed products
2009-03-18 David Sterbaskip mismatched arch only for product repos
2009-03-18 David Sterbamake harmless duplictate files messages optional
2009-03-18 David Sterbaput back listing of verified packages
2009-03-18 David Sterbaalways use satsolver
2009-03-18 David Sterbacommand line options enhancements
2009-03-16 David Sterbaskip repos for not installed products
2009-03-16 David Sterbaattempt to polish package sources output
2009-03-16 David Sterbashake the package version output a bit
2009-03-16 David Sterbaenhance signature/vendor output
2009-03-16 David Sterbaoption to specify system arch
2009-03-16 David Sterbachange output wording, fix number of vendor matched...
2009-03-16 David Sterbaupdate output formatting
2009-03-16 David Sterbahtml: show details about problematic packages
2009-03-16 David Sterbaimprove html output
2009-03-16 David Sterbaremove json completely
2009-03-16 David Sterbacleanups
2009-03-13 David Sterbacheck full dependency tree for for foreign packages
2009-03-13 David Sterbaminor output polish
2009-03-13 David Sterbadont print 'duplicate directory: harmless'
2009-03-12 David Sterbaskip repos with incompatible arch v0.8rc3
2009-03-12 David Sterbatimestamp log file names
2009-03-12 David Sterbaoption to print per-package summary
2009-03-11 David Sterbabugfixes and cleanups
2009-03-11 David Sterbacount skipped repos
2009-03-11 David Sterbaenhance repository type check
2009-03-10 David Sterbapre release bump to 0.8
2009-03-09 David Sterbacleanups
2009-03-09 David Sterbafix forgotten argument to file evaluation
2009-03-09 David Sterbacode cleanups and output polishing
2009-03-09 David Sterbafind_orphans cleanups
2009-03-06 David Sterbafurther output polishing v0.8rc2
2009-03-06 David Sterbacleanups
2009-03-06 David Sterbacleanups in output code
2009-03-06 David Sterbaprint more reccomendations v0.8rc1
2009-03-06 David Sterbaprint summary
2009-03-06 David Sterbamove package anomalies output after the check
2009-03-06 David Sterbaprint package counts earlier
2009-03-06 David Sterbaprint repo info earlier
2009-03-06 David Sterbaremove unused Log level parameter
2009-03-06 David Sterbaremove duplicate info about product
2009-03-06 David Sterbaoutput updates
2009-03-05 David Sterbaupdate report and log outputs
2009-03-05 David Sterbaseparate logging of executed commands
2009-03-05 David Sterbareport output adjustments
2009-03-05 David Sterbaprint product info early
2009-03-05 David Sterbacapture more of rpm -V output and display it
2009-03-05 David Sterbause perl carp to report stacktrace on Die
2009-03-05 David Sterbaadd force option to mv command
2009-03-05 David Sterbause perl // operator when appropriate
2009-03-04 David Sterbafurther report updates
2009-03-04 David Sterbarestructure report output
2009-03-04 David Sterbaregex transformations
2009-03-04 David SterbaMerge branch 'master' of git@git.opensuse.org:projects...
2009-03-04 David Sterbacmdline option for reference data
2009-03-04 David Sterbaupdate log levels
2009-03-04 David Sterbarework log levels
2009-03-04 David Sterbastyle cleanups
2009-03-04 David Sterbacleanups
2009-03-04 David Sterbaremove global logCont
2009-03-04 David Sterbaremove globa logBuffer
2009-03-04 David Sterbacleanups
2009-03-04 David Sterbamore cleanups
2009-03-04 David Sterbacleanups
2009-03-04 Petr TesarikRemove unneded $remove_ok
2009-03-04 David Sterbacleanups
2009-03-04 David Sterbastyle cleanups
2009-03-04 David Sterbaminor style changes, additional TODOs
2009-03-04 David Sterbabe more smart when checking for sam packages
2009-03-04 David Sterbado s/alien/foreign/g
2009-03-04 David Sterbaprint allowed codestreams unquoted
2009-03-04 David Sterbacomment out json
2009-02-23 Olaf Dabrunzreport found products, give cues to products and reposi...
2009-02-23 Olaf Dabrunzignore product files unless they are called *.prod...
2009-02-23 Olaf Dabrunzread product-related information from solv-files to...
2009-02-23 Olaf Dabrunzfix codestream parsing from *.prod files
2009-02-23 Olaf Dabrunzuse solv files from reference data as additional reposi...
2009-02-23 Olaf Dabrunzremove superflous braces in codestream_schema
2009-02-22 Olaf Dabrunzimprove logging for repositories
2009-02-22 Olaf Dabrunzskip unreadable repo files
2009-02-22 Olaf Dabrunzconvert "/" in repository ids to "_" when used as a...
2009-02-22 Olaf Dabrunzhandle reference data correctly even if some types...
2009-02-22 Olaf Dabrunzuse gpg keys from reference data
2009-02-22 Olaf Dabrunzfix gpg: never ask questions or wait for input
2009-02-22 Olaf Dabrunzfix reading rpm output
2009-02-22 Olaf Dabrunzremove temporary directory on exit