2010-01-29 David Sterbaadd rule to generate html help
2010-01-29 David Sterbaupdate sample sp report
2010-01-29 David Sterbafix counting sp packages
2010-01-04 David Sterbaspreport output polishing
2009-12-14 David Sterbasp report
2009-12-14 David Sterbahelper for generating html help
2009-11-13 David Sterbacode cleanpup
2009-11-12 David Sterbabriev sp report, infrastructure
2009-11-10 David Sterbasort and group found versions
2009-11-04 David Sterbaupdate product description, show SP
2009-11-04 David Sterbaread SP number from solv or content
2009-11-04 David Sterbashow older versions too
2009-11-03 David Sterbabe more verbose about not performed tests
2009-11-03 David Sterbaupdate changes
2009-11-03 David Sterbaextended processing of codestreams
2009-11-03 David Sterbafixes to logging
2009-11-03 David Sterbaworkaround rpm error reporting missing mountpoints
2009-07-20 David Sterbaminor spec updates v0.8.1 v0.8.1rc7
2009-07-16 David Sterbaignore missing docs v0.8.1rc6
2009-07-16 David Sterbacatch one more rpm verify output
2009-07-16 David Sterbaminor output fix v0.8.1rc5
2009-07-16 David Sterbaworkaround for unexpected rpm error
2009-07-15 David Sterbaupdate file rpm-attribute classification
2009-07-14 David Sterbareorder and update recommendations v0.8.1rc4
2009-07-14 David Sterbahandle excluded files
2009-07-14 David Sterbadebugging updates
2009-07-13 David Sterbaupdate changelogs v0.8.1rc3
2009-07-10 David Sterbaremove confusing statement in summary
2009-07-10 David Sterbaremove extra char from timestamp output
2009-07-10 David Sterbaadjust wording of recommendatios v0.8.1rc2
2009-07-09 David Sterbaspec fixes
2009-07-08 David Sterbacheck for keys directories
2009-06-15 David Sterbaclean recommendations for xml output
2009-06-12 David Sterbaincrease minor version v0.8.1rc1
2009-06-12 David Sterbaunify formatin of package lists in recommendations
2009-06-12 David Sterbafix warning of non-numeric comparison
2009-06-11 David Sterbawrite recommendations to xml too
2009-06-04 David Sterbaadd dependency on tar package
2009-06-03 David Sterbaoption to accept repos with partial description
2009-06-03 David Sterbalist packages without problems in xml too
2009-06-03 David Sterbafix reporting package name
2009-06-02 David Sterbaminor output fixes
2009-06-02 David Sterbafix formating of multiple file results
2009-06-02 David Sterbafix another unclean xml tag output
2009-06-02 David Sterbalearn another rpm verify output result
2009-06-02 David Sterbaclose stdin of gpg by shell builtin
2009-06-02 David Sterbafix warning when baseproduct is not defined
2009-06-02 David Sterbaprint baseproduct only if defined
2009-06-02 David Sterbafix missing tag names in xml
2009-05-20 David Sterbareturn nonzero errorcodes on Die
2009-05-20 David Sterbaclean xml tag names
2009-05-18 David Sterbafix malformed xml tag naming
2009-05-14 David Sterbalighten modification results v0.8
2009-05-14 Uwe DrechselMinor changes in output
2009-05-13 David Sterbamake: ship manpage too v0.8rc7
2009-05-13 David Sterbaspec fix path macros
2009-05-13 David Sterbaspec: create bindir
2009-05-13 David Sterbaupdate specfiles and changelogs
2009-05-13 David Sterbamore documentation, update manpage
2009-05-13 David Sterbaprint final disclaimer
2009-05-13 David Sterbaremove old fixmes
2009-05-13 David Sterbalist old repositories
2009-05-13 David Sterbafix displaying of mode change
2009-05-13 David Sterbaredesign final recommendations
2009-05-13 David Sterbaupdate final package stats
2009-05-13 David Sterbado not show disabled --verify check results
2009-05-13 David Sterbaenhance package count stats
2009-05-13 David Sterbadisable check for user, group, mtime
2009-05-12 David Sterbaminor fixes to manpage
2009-05-12 David Sterbalist foreign packages somewhere
2009-05-12 David Sterbafix warning
2009-05-11 David Sterbafinish xml output rewrite
2009-05-06 David SterbaMerge branch 'xmlout2'
2009-05-06 David Sterbaxml rewrite, part one
2009-05-06 David Sterbabetter error message for missing product directory
2009-04-30 David Sterbamerge updates to recommendations v0.8rc6
2009-04-30 David Sterbalast part of xmlization
2009-04-29 David Sterbathird quarter of log xmlization
2009-04-29 David Sterbafirst half of xmlized log output
2009-04-28 David Sterbaenhance command line options
2009-04-09 David Sterbacleanup path handling
2009-04-09 David Sterbacleanups and updates
2009-04-09 David Sterbaallow more update channel codestreams
2009-04-07 David Sterbaimprove html output
2009-04-06 David Sterbadisable verification of foreign packages
2009-04-03 David Sterbaadjust verbosity levels a bit
2009-04-03 David Sterbaupdate changelog
2009-04-03 David Sterbaearly print of version problems
2009-04-02 David Sterbaminor cleanups
2009-03-30 David Sterbaminor cleanups v0.8rc5
2009-03-30 David Sterbapretty print file result fallback
2009-03-30 David Sterbaupdate solv timestamp code checks
2009-03-30 David Sterbaalways create report and log files
2009-03-30 David Sterbaprint only base of reference repository url
2009-03-27 David Sterbamanpage updates
2009-03-27 David Sterbafix evr vs version for package names
2009-03-27 David Sterbaupdate manpage
2009-03-26 David Sterbaverify only files from rpm list
2009-03-25 David Sterbaadd empty repo scheme
2009-03-25 David Sterbafix matching gpg keys