2012-05-29 Michal Kubecekadd missing RPM changelog entries
2012-05-29 Michal Kubecekbump version to 0.8.4
2012-05-29 Michal Kubeceksuse-sam: require suse-sam-data with corepkgs
2012-05-29 Michal Kubecekimplement mixed SP check
2012-05-28 Michal Kubecekdata: add core packages list
2012-03-01 Michal KubecekMissing updates don't make system unsupported
2012-03-01 Michal KubecekUpdate changelogs
2012-03-01 Michal Kubeceksam: Unify SUSE/Novell references
2012-03-01 Michal Kubecekgen-prodlist: take product version and release as param...
2012-02-29 Michal KubecekUpdate repository URL in specfiles
2012-02-29 Michal KubecekAdd metadata for SLE 11 SP2
2012-02-29 Michal KubecekUpdate version and date in manual page
2011-11-07 Libor PechacekHandle empty release tag in product description
2011-11-07 Libor PechacekBumped version to 0.8.3 v0.8.3
2011-11-04 Libor PechacekReimplemented Service Pack matching to suit SP2 needs
2011-11-02 Libor PechacekHandle empty release tag in product description
2010-11-09 David SterbaRemove metadata lefover from older product
2010-10-12 David SterbaAccept PTF codestream
2010-09-07 David SterbaDo not include a helper script in metadata package
2010-08-25 David SterbaUpdate changelog
2010-08-25 David SterbaAdd SP1 debuginfo metadata
2010-08-25 David SterbaAdd GA debuginfo metadata
2010-08-25 David SterbaAdd correct SP1 GM metadata
2010-08-25 David SterbaUpdate changelog
2010-08-25 David SterbaRefresh SP1 metadata
2010-08-25 David SterbaAdd script to generate list of product isos
2010-07-09 David SterbaUpdate rpm changelog
2010-05-17 David SterbaCatch and report low version
2010-05-05 David SterbaFix installation problem release-sles11-sp1
2010-05-04 David SterbaUpdate changelog
2010-05-03 David SterbaUpdate metadata changelog
2010-05-03 David SterbaUpdate manpage
2010-05-03 David SterbaUpdate man docs
2010-05-03 David SterbaUpdate changelog
2010-05-03 David SterbaPartial revert of bad cleanup in 1ce8a4df0462
2010-05-03 David SterbaRemove workaround
2010-05-03 David SterbaComment update
2010-04-30 David SterbaExtend repo vs product check
2010-04-30 David SterbaSimilarity check compares build arch
2010-04-30 David SterbaBreak a long line
2010-04-30 David SterbaBetter messages when no repos found
2010-04-30 David SterbaComment
2010-04-30 David SterbaAdjust wording in output
2010-04-30 David SterbaUpdate copyright header
2010-04-30 David SterbaComment cleanup
2010-04-30 David SterbaDo not fail if no repos are found
2010-04-30 David SterbaFilter harmless doc changes from all lists
2010-04-30 David SterbaLog to debug
2010-04-29 David SterbaDo not check ro media for freshness
2010-04-29 David SterbaCleanups
2010-04-29 David SterbaAlways log xml entries of identified repos
2010-04-29 David SterbaMove some funcs around
2010-04-29 David SterbaCleanups and comments
2010-04-29 David SterbaTry not to fail for 583645 inconsistency in some cases
2010-04-29 David SterbaEnhance servicepack coverage classification
2010-04-27 David SterbaRemove required baseurl
2010-03-12 David SterbaFix changelog to be in sync with the submitted one
2010-03-12 David SterbaFix stat command in collect-product-metadata
2010-03-12 David SterbaRegenerate manpage
2010-03-12 David SterbaAdd man target to default set
2010-03-12 David SterbaDocument the bug in manpage
2010-03-12 David SterbaAdd workaround for 583645
2010-03-12 David SterbaList forgotten bugs into changelog
2010-02-01 David Sterbaversion 0.8.2 v0.8.2
2010-01-29 David Sterbafix missing baseurl warning
2010-01-29 David Sterbabump version to 0.8.2 v0.8.2rc1
2010-01-29 David Sterbaignore some built files
2010-01-29 David Sterbaupdate changes
2010-01-29 David Sterbaupdate docs, regenerate man
2010-01-29 David Sterbaadd rule to generate html help
2010-01-29 David Sterbaupdate sample sp report
2010-01-29 David Sterbafix counting sp packages
2010-01-04 David Sterbaspreport output polishing
2009-12-14 David Sterbasp report
2009-12-14 David Sterbahelper for generating html help
2009-11-13 David Sterbacode cleanpup
2009-11-12 David Sterbabriev sp report, infrastructure
2009-11-10 David Sterbasort and group found versions
2009-11-04 David Sterbaupdate product description, show SP
2009-11-04 David Sterbaread SP number from solv or content
2009-11-04 David Sterbashow older versions too
2009-11-03 David Sterbabe more verbose about not performed tests
2009-11-03 David Sterbaupdate changes
2009-11-03 David Sterbaextended processing of codestreams
2009-11-03 David Sterbafixes to logging
2009-11-03 David Sterbaworkaround rpm error reporting missing mountpoints
2009-07-20 David Sterbaminor spec updates v0.8.1 v0.8.1rc7
2009-07-16 David Sterbaignore missing docs v0.8.1rc6
2009-07-16 David Sterbacatch one more rpm verify output
2009-07-16 David Sterbaminor output fix v0.8.1rc5
2009-07-16 David Sterbaworkaround for unexpected rpm error
2009-07-15 David Sterbaupdate file rpm-attribute classification
2009-07-14 David Sterbareorder and update recommendations v0.8.1rc4
2009-07-14 David Sterbahandle excluded files
2009-07-14 David Sterbadebugging updates
2009-07-13 David Sterbaupdate changelogs v0.8.1rc3
2009-07-10 David Sterbaremove confusing statement in summary
2009-07-10 David Sterbaremove extra char from timestamp output
2009-07-10 David Sterbaadjust wording of recommendatios v0.8.1rc2
2009-07-09 David Sterbaspec fixes