add missing RPM changelog entries
[opensuse:supportability-analysis-module.git] / package / suse-sam.changes
2012-05-29 Michal Kubecekadd missing RPM changelog entries
2012-05-29 Michal Kubecekbump version to 0.8.4
2012-03-01 Michal KubecekMissing updates don't make system unsupported
2012-03-01 Michal KubecekUpdate changelogs
2011-11-02 Libor PechacekHandle empty release tag in product description
2010-10-12 David SterbaAccept PTF codestream
2010-07-09 David SterbaUpdate rpm changelog
2010-05-04 David SterbaUpdate changelog
2010-05-03 David SterbaUpdate changelog
2010-03-12 David SterbaFix changelog to be in sync with the submitted one
2010-03-12 David SterbaList forgotten bugs into changelog
2010-02-01 David Sterbaversion 0.8.2 v0.8.2
2010-01-29 David Sterbaupdate changes
2009-11-03 David Sterbaupdate changes
2009-07-13 David Sterbaupdate changelogs v0.8.1rc3
2009-06-12 David Sterbaincrease minor version v0.8.1rc1
2009-05-13 David Sterbaupdate specfiles and changelogs
2009-04-03 David Sterbaupdate changelog
2009-03-20 David Sterbaupdate changes to rc4 v0.8rc4
2009-03-13 David Sterbaupdate changelogs
2009-03-10 David Sterbapre release bump to 0.8
2009-02-23 Olaf Dabrunzbump version to 0.7.0; update changes files v0.7.0
2009-02-17 Olaf Dabrunzupdate changes files v0.6.1
2008-11-23 Olaf Dabrunzrenamed package to suse-sam, bump version to 0.6, updat... v0.6