2010-11-18 Ionuț Arțăriși- test password changing (valid and otherwise - see...
2010-11-16 Michael AndresUse FQDN in tests
2010-11-09 Michael Calmermake DBUSER and DBPASS configurable via ENV
2010-11-04 Michael Calmerseems sorting is not possible
2010-11-04 Michael Calmerfix sorting the failed urls
2010-11-02 Michael Calmersort the list of failing pages
2010-11-02 Uwe Ganserterrata search temporary disabled
2010-10-28 Michael Andrestemp. fix testcase by calling zypper --non-interactive
2010-10-28 Michael AndresMove client backend dependent code into client_stack.rb
2010-10-28 Michael Andresgitignore Gemfile.lock
2010-10-28 Uwe Ganserterrata test added
2010-10-28 Uwe GanserterrateFrom added
2010-10-28 Michael Calmercheck cloned channels errata
2010-10-27 Michael CalmerMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-27 Michael Calmeradd feature for cloning channels with and without errata
2010-10-27 Uwe Ganserterrate step definition enhanced
2010-10-27 Uwe Ganserterrata test added
2010-10-27 Uwe Ganserterrata test added
2010-10-27 Uwe Ganserterrata tests added
2010-10-26 Michael Calmerchange default browser to firefox
2010-10-26 Uwe Ganserterrata added to Rakefile
2010-10-26 Uwe Ganserttypo
2010-10-26 Uwe Ganserterrata tests added
2010-10-25 Michael Calmerun-check metadataSigned checkbox
2010-10-21 Michael Calmeronly the bug summary is displayed if it is a link
2010-10-21 Michael Calmerbugs in the errata are now links
2010-10-21 Michael Calmerchange step definition for checkbox disabled check
2010-10-20 Sebastian Vollathchanged content steps again
2010-10-20 Sebastian Vollathfixed typo in content_steps.rb
2010-10-20 Michael Calmeradded install errata feature
2010-10-20 Michael Calmermore errata tests
2010-10-19 Sebastian Vollathuser management test cases
2010-10-19 Michael Calmerfirst errata features
2010-10-16 Michael Calmerreorganize features to give reposync some time to compl...
2010-10-16 Michael Calmerfix
2010-10-15 Michael Calmerlet tests work also on i586
2010-10-12 Michael Calmerraise an exception if failed pages are found, otherwise...
2010-10-12 Michael Calmerextra rhn_check and use correct name for the base channel
2010-10-11 Michael Calmertest weak dependencies
2010-10-07 Michael CalmerInstall a package on the client
2010-10-07 Michael CalmerAdd Channel to activation key
2010-10-07 Michael Calmerchange openSUSE-release 11.3 => sles-release 11.1;...
2010-10-07 Michael Calmerchange Spacewalk => SUSE Manager for tests
2010-10-07 Michael Calmerfind_link for Manage do not work, so add definition...
2010-10-06 Michael Calmeradd tests for repositories and packages
2010-10-05 Michael Calmertest adding a repository, assign it to a channel, sync...
2010-09-23 Klaus KämpfFeature: remove admin user
2010-09-21 Klaus KämpfLow level database access
2010-09-21 Klaus Kämpfrequiring rubygem-dbi
2010-09-20 Klaus KämpfSample test to access RHN_UserGroupType
2010-09-20 Klaus KämpfRefactor test/oracle/config.rb
2010-09-14 Sebastian Vollathfixed content_steps.rb
2010-09-13 Michael Calmerfix users feature
2010-09-13 Michael Calmeradd feature_files to cucumber_opts
2010-09-13 Michael Calmeradd new features to Rakefile
2010-09-10 Duncan Mac... add rake cucumber:headless
2010-09-10 Sebastian VollathTest if an option is selected
2010-09-10 Sebastian Vollathadded userspage_steps.rb
2010-09-10 Sebastian Vollathsteps for disabled field/checkbox
2010-09-10 Michael Andresreadd lost systemspage_steps
2010-09-09 Sebastian VollathMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-09 Sebastian Vollathusers testcases
2010-09-09 Hubert MantelDelete bogus swap file
2010-09-09 Hubert MantelSubscribe and unsubscribe system to/from test configura...
2010-09-09 Uwe Gansert- adding bare metal test
2010-09-09 Michael Calmermove skip urls to collect method and make it work with...
2010-09-09 Uwe Gansert- fix
2010-09-09 Uwe Gansert- upload kickstart file
2010-09-09 Klaus KämpfCatch more internal server errors
2010-09-08 Michael Calmerfix channel feature
2010-09-08 Hubert Mantelnew feature for testing configuration channels.
2010-09-08 Michael Calmeradd all features to rake list
2010-09-08 Michael Calmerfix features after renaming steps
2010-09-08 Hubert MantelUse new human readable descriptions.
2010-09-08 Hubert MantelMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-08 Michael Calmernew feature: add systems of a group to SSM
2010-09-08 Hubert MantelSome more scenarios
2010-09-08 Duncan Mac... fix some breakage
2010-09-08 Duncan Mac... fix some breakage
2010-09-08 Duncan Mac... use human names
2010-09-08 Duncan Mac... use human names
2010-09-08 Duncan Mac... use human names
2010-09-08 Michael Calmeradd scenario to check this client is part of newgroup
2010-09-08 Michael Calmerfix step definition
2010-09-08 Uwe GansertMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-08 Michael Calmeradd "add host to group" scenario
2010-09-08 Uwe Gansert- create profile via ui
2010-09-08 Klaus Kämpfdetect 500 Internal Server Error
2010-09-08 Duncan Mac... Merge branch 'master' of
2010-09-08 Duncan Mac... make steps more human, allowing to say "left menu"...
2010-09-08 Duncan Mac... Steps should be organized by domain/topic, not by features
2010-09-08 Klaus Kämpfwalk_hrefs: a '@big' feature to test
2010-09-08 Klaus KämpfWalk all hrefs and check for 'page not found'
2010-09-08 Klaus KämpfIgnore editor backups
2010-09-08 Uwe Gansert- test fixed
2010-09-08 Uwe Ganserttest added
2010-09-08 Michael AndresInitial channel test
2010-09-08 Michael AndresAdd 'Background:' tag to feature template
2010-09-07 Hubert MantelMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-07 Michael Calmernew feature create group