2010-04-12 Stephan Kulowuse static javascript include for google analytics
2010-04-09 Thomas Schmidtdon't die on missing descriptions
2010-03-25 Stephan Kulowit's Milestone4 now
2010-03-22 Stephan Kulowfix syntax error
2010-03-08 rlihmchanged snippet
2010-03-04 Stephan KulowMilestone3
2010-02-23 rlihmadded omniture snipped
2010-02-22 Stephan Kulowas there is no obvious leak happening, we have to assum...
2010-02-19 Stephan Kulowadd some memory logging support
2010-02-17 Stephan Kulowadapt title too
2010-02-17 Stephan Kulowupdate translations
2010-02-17 Stephan Kulowadapt to M2
2010-02-16 Pavol Rusnakadd webdesign repo as submodule
2010-02-15 Thomas SchmidtRevert "use google hosted jquery libs"
2010-02-11 Thomas Schmidtadd deploy script
2010-02-11 Thomas Schmidtupdate translations
2010-02-11 Thomas Schmidtadd docu about translation
2010-02-11 Stephan Kulowupdate slightly
2010-02-11 Stephan Kulowupdate translations
2010-02-11 Thomas Schmidtstart a readme for i18n
2010-02-11 Thomas Schmidtuse google hosted jquery libs
2010-02-11 Thomas Schmidtupdate schema
2010-01-27 Stephan Kulowupdate translations
2010-01-27 Stephan Kulow11.3 is no longer factory
2010-01-27 Thomas Schmidtignore files
2010-01-27 Thomas Schmidtlink to matching language wiki
2010-01-27 Thomas Schmidtremove default socket
2010-01-19 Thomas Schmidtcheck parameter
2010-01-19 Thomas Schmidtonly show fluendo up to 11.1
2010-01-19 Thomas Schmidtfix user agent check
2010-01-19 Thomas Schmidtfix mp3 codec link #328156
2010-01-19 Thomas Schmidtuse rails 2.3.5
2010-01-11 Thomas Schmidtescape links to obs projects
2009-12-10 Stephan Kulowmark the gem also in the environment
2009-12-10 Stephan Kulowadd libxml as dependency
2009-12-09 Robert Lihmadded ignore-stuff
2009-12-04 Stephan Kulowhave empty directory for server deployment
2009-12-04 Stephan Kulowadd submodule shared
2009-12-03 Stephan Kulowconvert svn:ignore to gitignore
2009-11-30 Thomas Schmidtupdate link
2009-11-27 Thomas Schmidtuse libxml
2009-11-27 Thomas Schmidtremove activexml copy
2009-11-27 Thomas Schmidtsoftware uses smart xml for now
2009-11-27 Thomas Schmidtlink activexml from common
2009-11-27 Thomas Schmidtfix the language box
2009-11-27 Thomas Schmidtmake the search a bit more working without javascript
2009-11-25 Adrian Schröteradd Ubuntu 9.10
2009-11-23 Stephan Kulowadd libxml backend
2009-11-23 Stephan Kulowsmartxml is outdated, try libxml
2009-11-23 Adrian Schröteradd Fedora 12
2009-11-17 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-11-13 Stephan Kulowcommited into wrong branch
2009-11-12 Stephan Kulowhardcode 11.2 startup guide for now
2009-11-12 Stephan Kulowprepare for 11.2 launch
2009-11-11 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-11-11 Stephan Kulowadd more tests and make them work
2009-11-11 Stephan Kulowremove linefeed in translation
2009-11-11 Stephan Kulowremove all extra (german only) information about the box
2009-11-10 Stephan Kulowtake down /developer
2009-11-10 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-11-09 Robert Lihmchanded product description for box
2009-11-09 Robert Lihmswitched box-order to 11.2
2009-11-07 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-11-07 Stephan Kulow"ignores region" is a nice way to start a dispute if
2009-11-06 Adrian Schröteradd mdv 2010
2009-11-04 Pavol Rusnakfix quoting
2009-11-04 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-11-03 Stephan Kulowgettext is touchy when it comes to _
2009-11-03 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-11-03 Stephan Kulowlittle debug helper
2009-11-02 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-11-01 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-11-01 Stephan Kulowbefore redirecting to the language, check if konqueror/3
2009-11-01 Stephan Kulowdo not post, but get to change the medium
2009-10-30 Stephan Kulowfix typos
2009-10-30 Stephan Kulowsomehow I avoid typing 112 :)
2009-10-30 Stephan Kulowporting the more/less to jquery
2009-10-30 Stephan Kulowfix removal of cache
2009-10-30 Stephan Kulowfix caching again and let / show 11.1
2009-10-30 Robert Lihmadded mor whitespace above download-button
2009-10-30 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulowdon't grab all controllers
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulowrename the template and remove partials no longer needed
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulow- make the whole thing generic so it can also be used
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmchanged cursor for medium-selection
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmreplaced help icon
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmsyteled download-button
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulowreadd the ids, otherwise the picker doesn't work
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmadded webkit css and changed color for unselected buttons
2009-10-29 Robert Lihm* styled buttons
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmadded highlighting for selected medium-button
2009-10-29 Robert Lihm* added JS to add select-class in medium-button
2009-10-29 Robert Lihmadded and moved styles to css file
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulowdeveloper is now a directory
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulowtorrents for NET isos are not available
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulow* remove the old developer page and show developer2...
2009-10-29 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-10-28 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-10-27 Stephan Kulowtranslation update
2009-10-26 Stephan Kulowtranslation update