last changeThu, 22 Dec 2011 14:19:36 +0000 (15:19 +0100)
2011-12-22 Ludwig Nusselexclude grafted historic commits from version calculation master
2011-12-22 Cristian RodríguezFix logical error.
2011-12-22 Ludwig Nusselprint debug messages to stderr
2011-12-22 Ludwig Nusselfix dnotify fd's don't survive fork (bnc#734294)
2011-10-19 Ludwig Nusseldon't start smpppd in runlevel 2 (bnc#724465)
2011-08-26 Ludwig Nussellink against libcrypto instead of libssl
2011-05-11 Ludwig Nusselupdate LSB header
2011-05-11 Ludwig Nusseldaemonize later to catch errors
2011-05-11 Ludwig Nusselmkdir socket dir
2011-05-11 Ludwig Nusselinit script cleanup
2010-08-04 Ludwig Nusseldon't entirely disable non-dialup interfaces (bnc#628138)
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusseluse enum for action flags
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselrefactor common functions
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselsmpppd-ifcfg doesn't block SIGCHLD so manual handling...
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselincrease timeout to one second
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselinitialize pointer
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