2011-12-22 Ludwig Nusselexclude grafted historic commits from version calculation master
2011-12-22 Cristian RodríguezFix logical error.
2011-12-22 Ludwig Nusselprint debug messages to stderr
2011-12-22 Ludwig Nusselfix dnotify fd's don't survive fork (bnc#734294)
2011-10-19 Ludwig Nusseldon't start smpppd in runlevel 2 (bnc#724465)
2011-08-26 Ludwig Nussellink against libcrypto instead of libssl
2011-05-11 Ludwig Nusselupdate LSB header
2011-05-11 Ludwig Nusseldaemonize later to catch errors
2011-05-11 Ludwig Nusselmkdir socket dir
2011-05-11 Ludwig Nusselinit script cleanup
2010-08-04 Ludwig Nusseldon't entirely disable non-dialup interfaces (bnc#628138)
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusseluse enum for action flags
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselrefactor common functions
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselsmpppd-ifcfg doesn't block SIGCHLD so manual handling...
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselincrease timeout to one second
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselinitialize pointer
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselbump version
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusselfix small memleak
2010-03-03 Ludwig Nusseladd support for asynchronous processes
2010-03-02 Ludwig Nusselbetter debugging of called processes
2010-03-02 Ludwig Nusselpolkit1 support
2010-03-02 Ludwig Nusselmake wireless support optional, default disabled
2009-10-19 Ludwig Nussel/dev/shm/sysconfig -> /dev/.sysconfig/network (bnc...
2008-11-28 Ludwig Nusseladd support for netconfig (bnc#449518)
2008-11-28 Ludwig Nusselgit-rev-list -> git rev-list
2008-09-19 Ludwig Nusseladd extra polkit code to check for explicit privileges
2008-09-16 Ludwig Nussela pppd plugin that could be used instead of the ppp...
2008-09-16 Ludwig Nusseladd support for IPv6
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusseladd missing file
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselfix chat script
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusseldisable automatic reconnect on chat script fail
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselchat script support
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselchange error message if polkit auth failed.
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselalways allow root to connect
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselmove definition of polkit string to header
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselonly print the timeout debug messages at level > 2
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselrefactorisation
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselruntime configurable debugging
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselinitial PolicyKit support via external helper
2008-09-09 Ludwig Nusselfix typo
2008-04-25 Ludwig Nusselinstall examples into subdirectory
2008-04-25 Ludwig Nusselsupport more connection states for wireless interfaces...
2008-04-25 Ludwig Nusselprevent endless autoreconnect (bnc#383744)
2008-04-25 Ludwig Nusselchange version according to svn snapshot
2008-04-25 Ludwig Nusseluse newer automake syntax
2011-12-22 Ludwig Nussel- let pppd decide which dummy IPs to use for DoD (bnc... history
2011-12-22 Ludwig Nussel- fix build with gcc 4.3
2011-12-22 Ludwig Nussel- fix some gcc warnings
2011-12-22 Ludwig Nussel- remove getcfg-interface calls and use device name...
2011-12-22 Variousrevision 131
2011-12-22 Stefan Scheler- moved latest modification from tarball to a patch...
2011-12-22 Stefan Scheler- changed SYSCONFIG_STATUS_PATH to "/dev/shm/sysconfig/"
2011-12-22 Joachim Gleissner- using association status and existance of an IP addre...
2011-12-22 Joachim Gleissner- using association status to set connection status...
2011-12-22 Variousrevision 126
2011-12-22 Joachim Gleissner- wlan support: after setting essid do a real restart...
2011-12-22 Joachim Gleissner- possible buffer overflows fixed (bug 72406)
2011-12-22 Joachim Gleissner- fixed file descriptor leak
2011-12-22 Joachim Gleissner- updated cinternet manpage
2011-12-22 Joachim Gleissner- added wlan specific functions
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- fixed status transmission (bug #45765)
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- transmit minimal config for outsiders required by...
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- fixed debug option for ifup
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- tiny internal code improvements
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- added calls to stop/try-restart on uninstall/update...
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- added requires for killall
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- run ifup/down in background
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- renamed SMPPPD_IGNORE to USERCONTROL (bug #43652)
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnellrevision 112
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- allow frontends to set dial-prefix of modem configs...
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- fixed traffic volume accounting for pppd running...
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- include connection starting user in accounting log
2011-12-22 Karsten Keil- reopen isdn device files, if not already open (bug...
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- added call to pppstat.reset for modem
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- save used interface in info file (see bug #37643)
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- fixed service name et. al. in modify_resolvconf calls
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- handle return value of connection->start
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- adpated to rename of getconfig to getcfg
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- adapted dsl to brand new ethernet configuartion ...
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- pass name of ifcfg and provider file as ipparam to...
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- improved parsing of config files
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- adapted error detection to pppd version 2.4.2
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- add version to slp attributes
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- build package as non root user
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- improved lookup of smpppd from cinternet
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnellrevision 94
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- support summaries on a per month basis in...
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnellrevision 92
2011-12-22 Karsten Keil- ISDN fixes (#31322)
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- added optional display of average duration in accounting
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnellrevision 89
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- fixed capi-isdn mode
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- fixed demand mode for pptp and pppoe-rp
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- added pptp support (bug #18407)
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- fixed status information for isdn
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- fixed host-range option
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- make documentation for cinternet more explicit (bug...
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- removed empty readme file (bug #15052)
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- better dns handling for demand connections
2011-12-22 Arvin Schnell- for dsl handle hotplug eth devices (bug #24056)