[shared] use plain remove! and use the new HTTP interface
[opensuse:shared-resources.git] / buildservice / lib / activexml / transport.rb
2011-07-07 Stephan Kulow[shared] use plain remove! and use the new HTTP interface
2011-04-15 Stephan Kulow[shared] don't retry forever and leave bad gateyway...
2011-03-24 Sascha Peilicke[shared] Fix hardcoded URL scheme ('http') for substitu...
2011-03-22 Sascha Peilicke[shared] Better SSL handling.
2011-03-22 Sascha PeilickeRevert "use ssl based on the used protocol and not...
2011-03-22 Sascha PeilickeRevert "- second part of ssl handling, protocol can...
2011-03-21 Adrian Schröter- second part of ssl handling, protocol can now be...
2011-03-17 Adrian Schröteruse ssl based on the used protocol and not the port
2011-01-24 Adrian Schröterfix content type hand over
2011-01-24 Adrian Schröter[shared] use content type for doing search posts
2011-01-22 Adrian Schröterdo embedded POST instead of GET for Collection.find...
2011-01-19 Adrian Schröterdb_projects table is already joined to db_packages...
2010-08-05 Thomas Schmidtrequire rexml for error parsing
2010-06-21 Stephan Kulowthrow timeout on 504 and give http code if nothing...
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulowfix syntax error
2010-06-10 Stephan Kulow[shared] define content-length with put and push
2010-06-08 Adrian Schrötera POST without content is allowed 2.0 2.0.0
2010-05-15 Stephan Kulow[shared] make timeout larger for collections
2010-04-21 Stephan Kulow[activexml] find :all has no options
2010-04-18 Stephan Kulow[activexml] Little rewrite in the activexml transport
2010-03-19 Stephan Kulowfix warnings and remove unused function
2010-03-18 Stephan Kulowbssql needs to return XML now too - the node is now...
2010-03-18 Stephan Kulowlet transport.find only return the raw data and let...
2010-02-02 Thomas Schmidtimprove error handling for invalid xml
2010-01-29 Stephan Kulowmove the timeout default to the function that needs it 1.7 1.7.0
2010-01-11 Stephan Kulowdo not retry POST statements and close the keep alive...
2010-01-10 Stephan Kulowif find doesn't find anything, return nil
2010-01-07 Thomas Schmidt[activexml] log less
2009-12-15 Stephan Kulowlibxml: support a way to create an activexml object
2009-12-08 Stephan Kulowthrow a more detailed error if the GET returned nothing
2009-12-08 Thomas Schmidtfix http error handling
2009-12-08 Stephan Kulowretry the api connection if it gets a broken pipe or...
2009-12-07 Stephan Kulowdo not instance XML node if there is no XML
2009-12-06 Stephan Kulowcalling .finish is in some situations bad, but in those...
2009-12-04 Pavol Rusnakfix whitespace
2009-11-26 Thomas Schmidtretry on ioerror
2009-11-26 Thomas Schmidtretry on connectionerror
2009-11-25 Thomas Schmidtcatch one more error, move error parsing to lib
2009-11-24 Stephan Kulowgo back to default timeout of ruby and allow callers
2009-11-20 Stephan Kulowthe timeout of 60s is on many places just too few for a
2009-11-18 Thomas Schmidtusing keepalive (running on production since some time...
2009-11-10 Stephan Kulowdo not retry on timeout, but let the layer above handle it.
2009-11-10 Thomas Schmidtretry on socket error
2009-11-09 Thomas Schmidtremove noise, add benchmark
2009-11-06 Thomas Schmidtdo 5 retries for transport error, enable notification
2009-11-06 Stephan Kulowoops, typo
2009-11-06 Stephan Kulowretry on EOF and timeout
2009-11-06 Thomas Schmidtremove unused code, reset http connection on eoferror
2009-10-30 Thomas Schmidtavoid some more errors
2009-10-28 Thomas Schmidtrework exception handling
2009-10-28 Thomas Schmidtremove some noise
2009-10-27 Thomas Schmidtshorten code
2009-10-15 Thomas Schmidtmake activexml work with rails 2.3.4
2008-11-28 Susanne Oberhauser- use 'active_support' to get 'builder'
2008-06-02 Michal MarekAdded an experimental wizard controler to the frontend...
2008-05-07 Adrian Schröterfix usage of api.opensuse.org with local web frontend.
2007-10-17 Andreas Baueradded possibility to pass parameters to delete/save
2007-10-17 Andreas Baueroption to specify differing paths for deletion and...
2007-10-17 Andreas Bauer- removed delete hack for status messages
2007-09-06 Andreas Bauerfixed misplaced LIKE quoting
2007-08-20 Andreas Bauerescape special characters for mysql LIKE operator
2007-07-17 Andreas Bauerfixed indentation
2007-07-12 Thomas ScholzTransport.find is now able to use the http post-method...
2007-06-22 Andreas Bauer- updated rails_put_fix for rails 1.2.x (fixes file...
2007-06-14 Andreas Bauermerged branches/bauersman/permission_playground r1616...
2007-03-27 Andreas Bauercgi-escape query parameters
2007-03-20 Andreas Baueruse text/plain as default content-type for backend...
2007-03-19 Andreas Bauermake old route definitions work again
2007-03-16 Andreas Bauerignore nil param values
2007-03-15 David Mayrfixed little bug that caused crash when parameters...
2007-03-15 Andreas Bauerimproved route handling, allows passing arrays or to...
2007-02-22 Andreas Bauermore verbose 404 status message
2007-02-20 David Mayrmodified activexml to allow deletion of activexml-objects
2007-02-13 David Mayrmade it possible to give more than one parameter for...
2007-01-05 Thomas Scholz-activexml transport configuration accepts now arbitrar...
2007-01-02 Andreas Bauerfixed double escaping bug
2006-11-15 Andreas Bauerfixed query bug
2006-08-09 Andreas Bauer- removed reloadable mixin
2006-08-04 Andreas Bauersmall bugfix
2006-08-02 Andreas Bauer- SQL transport plugin for ActiveXML
2006-05-26 Andreas Baueradded set_additional_header and delete_additional_heade...
2006-05-24 Andreas Bauercleanup
2006-05-19 Andreas Bauer- cleanup of transport
2006-05-18 Andreas Bauer- frontend/webclient allows login names containing...
2006-05-16 Cornelius SchumacherAnother query fix.
2006-05-16 Cornelius SchumacherDon't fail on paths without query.
2006-05-16 Cornelius SchumacherFix trigger rebuild.
2006-05-12 Andreas Bauer- small fixes
2006-05-12 Cornelius SchumacherDefine ForbiddenError.
2006-05-11 Andreas Bauer- merged/adapted changes from activexml branch
2006-03-25 Andreas Bauerwork on transport abstraction layer