add comment that script is now maintained in git
[opensuse:securelinuxs-setupgrubfornfsinstall.git] / setupgrubfornfsinstall
2008-12-11 Ludwig Nusseladd comment that script is now maintained in git
2008-12-04 Ludwig Nusselsupport fedora 10, mirror selection
2008-11-27 Ludwig Nusselfix typo
2008-10-20 Ludwig Nusselupdate changelog
2008-10-16 Ludwig Nusseluse pcnet as default network card. better performance...
2008-10-06 Ludwig Nusselqemu: add mouse as usb tablet
2008-07-15 Ludwig Nusselmake curl follow redirects
2008-06-24 Ludwig Nusselremove smbd requirement, don't partition disk
2008-06-20 Ludwig Nussellimit the 'linux64' special case
2008-06-19 Ludwig Nusseladd changelog
2008-06-19 Ludwig Nusselcheck signatures of files downloaded from the internet
2008-06-19 Ludwig Nusselfail if download of kernel or initrd failed
2008-06-19 Ludwig Nusselgenerate random mac address
2008-06-18 Ludwig Nusselimplement read only mode for qemu
2008-06-18 Ludwig Nusselpass commandline options to qemu run script
2008-06-18 Ludwig Nusseldrop weird smb inst source and use urls directly
2008-06-18 Ludwig Nusselfix shell quoting and add 'shellfriendly' function
2008-06-18 Ludwig Nusseltry qemu-kvm and fallback to qemu
2008-06-18 Ludwig Nusseladd test flag for reqcmd
2008-06-17 Ludwig Nusselintegrate qemu options into advanced options dialog
2008-06-17 Ludwig Nusselmore qemu fixes
2008-06-17 Ludwig Nusselfix shell quoting
2008-06-17 Ludwig Nusselexperimental qemu support
2008-06-13 Ludwig Nusseladd changelog
2008-06-13 Ludwig Nusseladd advanced options dialog
2008-06-13 Ludwig Nusselfix string compare
2008-06-13 Ludwig Nusselprint url of file that's currently downloaded
2008-06-13 Ludwig Nusseladd fedora 9
2008-06-13 Ludwig Nusseladditional grub root partition detecion
2008-06-12 Ludwig Nusseladd 11.0
2008-06-10 Ludwig Nusselonly run kexec -l in kexec script
2008-04-21 Ludwig Nusseluse /boot/install_$host_$dist_* instead of /boot/loader-*
2008-04-21 Ludwig Nusseladd Factory URL, remove 10.0
2007-11-30 Ludwig Nusseladd changelog header
2007-11-30 Ludwig Nusselfedora support
2007-11-30 Ludwig Nusselalso check boot.prefer, used for sles9
2007-11-20 Ludwig Nusseladd special case for SLES9
2007-10-04 Ludwig Nusselfix dialog heading
2007-10-04 Ludwig Nusseldisplay message while scanning nfs directory
2007-10-04 Ludwig Nusselsupport
2007-10-02 Ludwig Nusselupdate copyright header
2007-10-02 Ludwig Nusselinitial import