2011-03-30 Michael Schroeder- add even more comments
2011-03-28 Michael Schroeder- add some explanation of how the dirpool works
2011-03-28 Michael Schroeder- add some comments
2011-03-28 Michael Schroeder- save tmpspace when calling the repodata load callback
2011-03-28 Michael Schroeder- use correct defaults for rpm5, put tmpspace in extra...
2011-03-24 Michael Schroeder- simplify repo_write a bit by using repodata functions
2011-03-24 Michael Schroeder- simplify schema2id hash handling, put repodata_free_s...
2011-03-24 Michael Schroeder- add coolo's changelog entry
2011-03-24 Michael Schroeder- add missing else part in rpmdbid2db()
2011-03-23 Michael Schroeder- use repodata instead of repo
2011-03-23 Michael Schroeder- use repodata_add_poolstr_array() instead of repo_add_...
2011-03-23 Michael Schroeder- add repo_add_debdb() helper
2011-03-23 Michael Schroeder- add repo_lookup_idarray(), repo_lookup_checksum(...
2011-03-23 Michael Schroeder- add pool_setarchpolicy() method
2011-03-23 Michael Schroeder- delete fixed vendor classes, add pool_setvendorclasse...
2011-03-23 Michael Schroeder- fix illegal_xxxchange argument order
2011-03-23 Michael Schroederadd sat_chksum_isfinished() check
2011-03-17 Michael Schroeder- fix pysolv typo
2011-03-17 Michael Schroeder- fix trigger copying, make rpmdbid handling nicer
2011-03-17 Michael Schroeder- support cmake -DRPM5=1
2011-03-16 Michael Schroeder- finish rbsolv
2011-03-16 Michael Schroeder- adapt to rpm5 (thanks to Qing He and Mark Hatle)
2011-03-16 Michael Schroeder- finish rbsolv repository handling
2011-03-16 Michael Schroeder- added solver_solutionelement2str and policy_illegal2s...
2011-03-16 Michael Schroeder- added TransactionClass, more rbsolv porting
2011-03-15 Michael Schroederrbsolv: implement repo download and load callback
2011-03-14 Michael Schroeder- more ruby code, better array handling in solv.i
2011-03-11 Michael Schroeder- cleanup python code a bit
2011-03-10 Michael Schroederstart ruby bindings and example solver
2011-03-09 Michael Schroeder- implement repository handling and load callback in...
2011-03-08 Michael Schroeder- commit current state of bindings
2011-03-08 Michael Schroeder- add mode argument to sat_xfopen* functions
2011-03-07 Michael Schroeder- change sat_xfopen_fd() to respect the file open mode
2011-03-07 Michael Schroeder- add pool_job2str() and solver_problemruleinfo2str...
2011-03-07 Michael Schroeder- correctly cummulate multi-line fields in language...
2011-03-04 Michael Schroeder- start of p5solv and perl bindings
2011-03-03 Michael Schroeder- rename to pysolv, commit latest versions
2011-03-03 Michael Schroeder- add "droporphaned" for coolo
2011-03-03 Michael Schroeder- add pool_freetmpspace, pool_tmpappend, pool_bin2hex...
2011-03-02 Michael Schroeder- add sat_chksum_type2str() and sat_chksum_str2type...
2011-03-02 Michael Schroeder- ignore to be dropped orhaned packages when calculatin...
2011-03-01 Michael Schroeder- implement commandline handling and rewrite python...
2011-03-01 Michael Schroeder- add repo_add_rpm() and repo_add_deb()
2011-03-01 Michael Schroeder- add repodata_empty() function
2011-03-01 Michael Schroeder- add sat_chksum_create_from_bin() and sat_chksum_get_t...
2011-02-28 Michael Schroeder- add missing repodata handling parts: rewrite in case...
2011-02-28 Michael Schroeder- make repo_empty() not reset pool->installed, no not...
2011-02-25 Michael Schroeder- pysolv: add deltarpm support
2011-02-25 Michael Schroeder- add on-demand file loading for susetags
2011-02-25 Michael Schroeder- fix some memory leaks
2011-02-24 Michael Schroeder- load callback works...
2011-02-23 Michael Schroeder- add support for susetags repos to pysolv
2011-02-23 Michael Schroeder- use SUSETAGS_RECORD_SHARES feature so extensions...
2011-02-23 Michael Schroeder- delete type checks. instead, just call the repodata...
2011-02-23 Michael Schroeder- make repodata_add_array overwrite old entries with...
2011-02-23 Michael Schroeder- repo_solv: add some type/storage checks
2011-02-21 Michael Schroeder- add repodata_lookup_type() and repodata_delete()...
2011-02-21 Michael Schroeder- add SUSETAGS_RECORD_SHARES feature to correctly handl...
2011-02-17 Michael Schroeder- commit current state of python packagemanager. Is...
2011-02-15 Michael Schroeder- rename to USE_OWN_QSORT, add bsd qsort_r helper
2011-02-14 Michael Schroeder- update to freebsd qsort to get rid of advertising...
2011-02-14 Klaus KämpfUse private copy of qsort_r for RHEL and CentOS
2011-02-14 Klaus KämpfAdapt the bookmarks URL
2011-02-03 Klaus KämpfProvide qsort_r in case (e.g. for RHEL 4)
2011-02-03 Klaus Kämpffix compiler warning about uninitialized var
2011-02-02 Klaus KämpfSplit satsolver-bindings off to a separate project...
2011-02-01 Klaus KämpfFix URL in spec file
2011-02-01 Klaus KämpfInstall header for libsatsolverext
2011-01-28 Michael Schroeder- put sat_xfopen in libsatsolverext
2011-01-28 Michael Schroeder- fix mem leak in repo_add_rpmdb_pubkeys()
2011-01-28 Michael AndresInstall 'installcheck'
2011-01-25 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-25 Michael Andreschanges
2011-01-25 Jan-Simon MöllerAdd armv7hl (hardfloat ABI) support. Beside armv7hl...
2011-01-24 Michael Schroeder- merge in most of the MacOS changes from Dave Abrahams
2011-01-18 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-07 Michael Schroeder- kill stillborn KINDS_SEPARATELY, use getopt() in...
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfProvide access to Job relating to Rule
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfExpose solver_printproblemruleinfo() since its a generi...
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfDrop Ruleinfo#to_s, part of applayer now
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfDrop Request#to_s since Request is a list of Job
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfJob#to_s is part of applayer now
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfFix array attributes in Perl
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfMore Perl tests (with correct relative path to test...
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfFix comment
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfPerl: Full solver example with conflict handling
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfThe attribute is an array
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfFix print to use string value
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfPrint system solvable
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAccessing attribute values [incomplete!]
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfApplayer: Clean up callbacks, add string() functions
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfApplayer: Add to_string() debug callback
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAdd Ruleinfo.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfClean up iterators, add Transaction.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfMove Solvable.string to applayer
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAdd Solution.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAdd Relation.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfClean up iterators, add Problem.string()