changes 0.14.18
[opensuse:sat-solver-moved-to-github.git] / VERSION.cmake
2010-10-22 Michael Andreschanges 0.14.18
2010-03-22 Michael Schroeder- dataiterator: reset parent when jumping to a solvid...
2010-03-11 Michael Schroederadd changes, bump version
2010-02-19 Michael Schroeder- add changes, bump version
2010-01-29 Michael Schroeder- add changes, bump version
2010-01-18 Michael Schroeder- set repository:toolversion to 1.0 in common_write
2009-12-21 Michael Schroeder- add sparc support, bump version
2009-12-07 Michael Andreschanges 0.14.11
2009-11-02 Michael Schroeder- look at infarch/dup rules when creating choice rules...
2009-10-14 Michael Schroeder- add changes, bump version
2009-09-23 Michael Schroeder- add changes, bump version
2009-09-16 Michael Schroeder- add changes, bump version, fix comment
2009-09-07 Stephan KulowMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-09-04 Michael Schroeder- add changes, bump version, remove db.h workaround
2009-08-31 Stephan KulowMerge branch 'master' of git://
2009-08-31 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of
2009-08-28 Michael Andreschanges 0.14.5
2009-07-30 Michael Schroeder- fix memory leak
2009-07-17 Michael Schroeder- bump version, add changes
2009-06-22 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2009-06-22 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of
2009-06-22 Michael Schroeder- add repomd.xml data sections to meta data
2009-04-16 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of
2009-04-02 Klaus Kämpfupdate to 0.14.1
2009-03-04 Michael Schroeder- fix problem_to_solutions segfault
2009-03-02 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of
2009-03-02 Michael Schroeder- bump version, add changes
2009-01-31 Michael Schroeder- add changes, bump version
2009-01-26 Michael Schroeder- bump version, add changes
2008-11-20 Michael Andresversion
2008-11-17 Michael Andres- Parse RELEASE tag from contentfile (bnc #444978)
2008-11-14 Michael Schroeder- add changelog, bump version
2008-10-24 Michael AndresRemember the /etc/products.d enties filename in .solv...
2008-10-22 Michael Schroeder- bump version to 0.12.0
2008-10-14 Michael Schroeder- bump version
2008-10-02 Michael Andres- Product arttributes: removed FLAVOR and REFERENCES...
2008-09-29 Michael Andresrpms2solv failed to write out most solvable data (bnc...
2008-09-26 Klaus Kaempfbnc#429177
2008-09-25 Klaus Kaempffully support Dataiterator in bindings, drop use of...
2008-09-24 Jan Kupec- submit
2008-09-24 Jan Kupec- seems like 0.10.13 is already out
2008-09-22 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pbump
2008-09-17 Michael Schroeder- add changelog, bump version
2008-09-11 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pupdate repository matching
2008-09-10 Michael Andres- repo_products: Parse schemeversion, propagate product
2008-09-09 Klaus Kaempf- rpmdb2solv changes:
2008-09-09 Michael Andres- Reenable -Werror and fix bindings.
2008-09-05 Michael Andrestools/repo_susetags.c: Parse packages vendor
2008-09-02 Michael Schroeder- make it compile
2008-08-22 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pbump and changes
2008-08-13 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pbump
2008-08-01 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pwhile trying to support package metadata extensions...
2008-07-29 Michael Schroeder- add changes and bump version
2008-07-11 Duncan Mac-Vicar P- Implementation of infrastructure for
2008-07-01 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pbump version
2008-06-02 Stephan Kulowversion jump
2008-05-22 Stephan Kulowautobuild
2008-05-14 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pbump
2008-05-05 Stephan Kulownew version
2008-04-28 Stephan Kulowautobuild once more
2008-04-25 Stephan Kulowautobuild
2008-04-19 Stephan Kulowchangelog
2008-04-16 Stephan Kulowautobuild
2008-04-15 Stephan Kulowautobuild
2008-04-09 Jan Kupec- bumping version since libzypp depends on Dataiterator...
2008-04-04 Stephan Kulowgive me a tool to create package lists
2008-03-31 Stephan Kulowincrease it again
2008-03-24 Stephan Kulowadding changelog
2008-03-12 Stephan Kulowtesting package
2008-03-07 Stephan Kulowautobuild submission
2008-02-24 Stephan Kulowupdate
2008-02-22 Stephan Kulowto submit
2008-02-21 Stephan Kulowsubmit
2008-02-20 Stephan Kulowsubmit
2008-02-19 Stephan Kulowtesting
2008-02-15 Stephan Kulownew version - about time
2008-02-13 Klaus Kaempfupdate to version 0.0.14
2008-02-12 Stephan Kulowsubmit
2008-02-11 Stephan Kulownew version
2008-02-07 Stephan Kulow0.0.11
2008-02-07 Stephan Kulowlet's increase against factory
2008-01-14 Stephan Kulowpackage submitted
2008-01-08 Stephan Kulowprepare another autobuild round
2007-11-30 Stefan Schubertupdate for libzypp integration
2007-11-16 Stephan Kulowupdate for releasing
2007-11-15 Stephan Kulowmerge autobuild sources with SVN
2007-11-14 Stefan Schubertadded more logging
2007-10-26 Duncan Mac-Vicar P- add cmake support