2011-02-03 Klaus Kämpffix compiler warning about uninitialized var
2011-02-02 Klaus KämpfSplit satsolver-bindings off to a separate project...
2011-02-01 Klaus KämpfFix URL in spec file
2011-02-01 Klaus KämpfInstall header for libsatsolverext
2011-01-28 Michael Schroeder- put sat_xfopen in libsatsolverext
2011-01-28 Michael Schroeder- fix mem leak in repo_add_rpmdb_pubkeys()
2011-01-28 Michael AndresInstall 'installcheck'
2011-01-25 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-25 Michael Andreschanges
2011-01-25 Jan-Simon MöllerAdd armv7hl (hardfloat ABI) support. Beside armv7hl...
2011-01-24 Michael Schroeder- merge in most of the MacOS changes from Dave Abrahams
2011-01-18 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-07 Michael Schroeder- kill stillborn KINDS_SEPARATELY, use getopt() in...
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfProvide access to Job relating to Rule
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfExpose solver_printproblemruleinfo() since its a generi...
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfDrop Ruleinfo#to_s, part of applayer now
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfDrop Request#to_s since Request is a list of Job
2010-12-22 Klaus KämpfJob#to_s is part of applayer now
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfFix array attributes in Perl
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfMore Perl tests (with correct relative path to test...
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfFix comment
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfPerl: Full solver example with conflict handling
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfThe attribute is an array
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfFix print to use string value
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfPrint system solvable
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAccessing attribute values [incomplete!]
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfApplayer: Clean up callbacks, add string() functions
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfApplayer: Add to_string() debug callback
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAdd Ruleinfo.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfClean up iterators, add Transaction.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfMove Solvable.string to applayer
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAdd Solution.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAdd Relation.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfClean up iterators, add Problem.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAdd Job.string()
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfAdd typemaps for various pointer arrays
2010-12-21 Klaus KämpfPass Perl array as reference instead of value
2010-12-15 Klaus KämpfDrop Request#to_s from Ruby
2010-12-15 Klaus KämpfBump version for -bindings changes
2010-12-15 Klaus KämpfHuge iterators/callback cleanup for languages other...
2010-12-03 Klaus KämpfMake swig input files for the bindings reusable
2010-12-02 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2010-12-02 Klaus KämpfMake swig files reusable
2010-11-24 Michael Schroeder- fix repo_set_num argument type
2010-11-24 Michael Schroeder- updateinfo: cleanup issue date conversion code a bit
2010-11-24 Michael Andresdb.h can be found under /usr/include on Fedora, etc.
2010-11-13 Dirk Muellerif susedata doesn't exist, don't try to use it
2010-11-11 Klaus KämpfMerge branch 'master' of
2010-10-22 Michael Andreschanges 0.16.1
2010-10-22 Michael Andresupdateinfoxml: Correctly parse 'issued date' field.
2010-09-09 Michael Schroeder- bump version to 0.16 to make it different from code11...
2010-09-09 Michael Schroeder- fix notfound return in solvable_lookup_num, fix typo...
2010-09-06 Duncan Mac... add missing files
2010-09-06 Duncan Mac... ruby: fix bugs regarding include path loading (hardcode...
2010-09-06 Duncan Mac... fix fedora paths
2010-09-06 Duncan Mac... SLE10SP3 has vendor_ruby too
2010-09-06 Michael Schroeder- do obsolete pruning after version reduction, it is...
2010-09-02 Michael Schroeder- make POLICY_MODE_SUGGEST obey repo priorities
2010-08-31 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-31 Michael Schroeder- fix package priority handling of installed packages...
2010-08-18 Klaus Kämpfchanges
2010-08-18 Klaus KämpfFix the install of ruby-satsolver, bump version to...
2010-08-18 Klaus KämpfRuby: don't install editor backups
2010-08-18 Klaus Kämpfperl: use path relative to running file
2010-08-18 Klaus KämpfProvide pure-Ruby extensions to Satsolver bindings
2010-08-06 Michael Schroeder- allow file list globs
2010-08-06 Michael Schroeder- refactor code a bit, no functual changes
2010-08-06 Michael Schroeder- also check filelistfilter for glob searches
2010-08-06 Michael Schroeder- more range checks to catch bad gpg packets
2010-08-04 Michael Schroeder- add missing fclose() call
2010-08-03 Michael Schroeder- fix mem leak
2010-07-17 Dirk MuellerFix handling of compressed susetags files
2010-06-08 Michael Schroeder- link with all needed libraries, by Lorenzo Villani
2010-06-08 Dirk Muellerreadd install media blacklisting
2010-06-08 Dirk Muellerrefactor individual checks into subfunctions
2010-06-08 Dirk Muellerextend usage()
2010-06-01 Michael Schroeder- skip dotfiles in .d directories
2010-06-01 Michael Schroeder- zero repoinfo data for debian repos
2010-06-01 Michael Schroeder- also parse checksum for debian packages
2010-06-01 Michael Schroeder- do not print license or url lines if NULL
2010-06-01 Michael Schroeder- make installcheck work with debian Packages files
2010-06-01 Michael Schroeder- work around debian obsoletes handling for now
2010-06-01 Michael Schroeder- fix dependency comparison in no-buildtime case
2010-05-31 Michael Schroeder- cleanup solv.c a bit
2010-05-31 Michael Schroeder- add SOLVER_NOAUTOSET to disable automatic SET deduction
2010-05-28 Michael Schroeder- add SOLVER_SET bits to tell solver which properties...
2010-05-17 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-17 Michael Schroeder- add armv7l (patch by Jan-Simon Moeller)
2010-05-16 Klaus KämpfAdd missing CMakeLists.txt for tests/
2010-05-06 Michael Schroeder- argh, forgot the check prune bitmap in 'required...
2010-05-06 Michael Schroeder- add changes, bump version to 0.15.0
2010-05-06 Michael Schroeder- cleandeps: fix userinstalled bitmap access
2010-05-04 Michael Schroeder- some more cleanup
2010-05-04 Michael Schroeder- support SOLVER_SOLVABLE_ALL for dup/update/verify
2010-05-03 Michael Schroeder- code cleanup
2010-05-03 Michael Schroeder- add lzma and xz compression support for both rpmmd...
2010-04-14 Michael Schroeder- also look at directly addressed userinstalled solvables
2010-04-14 Michael Schroeder- add erase with dependency cleaning: