2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempffix crash in attribute access
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempffix patch attribute access
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempfmake 'solvable.attr' accept Symbol or String (Ruby...
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempfoutdated - remove
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempfuse 'repodata_set_void()' for boolean attributes
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempfdrop UPDATE_SEVERITY, use SOLVABLE_PATCHCATEGORY instead
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempfparse <package-manager/> to 'update:restart' attribute
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempfparse <reboot-needed/> to 'update:reboot' attribute
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempfmake patches 'noarch'
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempfsupport <restart_suggested>
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempffix include
2008-04-07 Klaus Kaempfpatchsolv2updateinfo.rb:
2008-04-07 Stephan Kulowremove standard stuff
2008-04-06 Jan Kupec- print also global solvable id
2008-04-05 Stephan Kulowalways package deptestomatic
2008-04-05 Stephan Kulowmore of these init variables
2008-04-05 Stephan Kulowtrying to fix compilation
2008-04-05 Stephan KulowI guess this was intended
2008-04-04 Michael Schroeder- fix bug
2008-04-04 Michael Schroeder- add solvable_trivial_installable
2008-04-04 Michael Schroeder- support REL_ARCH
2008-04-04 Klaus Kaempfnew ids for patches
2008-04-04 Klaus KaempfParses updateinfo.xml now and creates .solv file like...
2008-04-04 Stephan Kulowgive me a tool to create package lists
2008-04-04 Michael Schroeder- make lock handling more sane
2008-04-04 Michael Schroeder- do unconflicting in a more elegant and not so damagin...
2008-04-04 Klaus Kaempfbackup: doesn't crash anymore
2008-04-04 Michael Schroeder- fix core dump, sorry
2008-04-04 Stefan Schubertadded attributes to the helix-format
2008-04-03 Michael MatzSupport loading/dumping multiple repos, and some testco...
2008-04-03 Michael MatzDataiterator can walk over multiple repos now (SEARCH_A...
2008-04-03 Michael Schroeder- fix memory leak
2008-04-03 Michael MatzFix a segfault for existing but empty attribute lists.
2008-04-01 Michael MatzWorking but for now inactive code to support non-solvab...
2008-04-01 Stephan Kulowlet's kusch
2008-03-31 Stephan Kulowadding changes
2008-03-31 Stephan Kulowincrease it again
2008-03-31 Michael Andresmissing solvable_lookup_bool implementation
2008-03-28 Michael MatzLet's be more forgiving and fix compilation without...
2008-03-28 Michael MatzDoesn't build -> revert.
2008-03-28 Duncan Mac... backup
2008-03-27 Michael Schroeder- truly restart when analyze_unsolvable is hit (fixes...
2008-03-25 Michael Schroeder- make it work with really large directories
2008-03-24 Stephan Kulowadding changelog
2008-03-24 Stephan Kulowsupport plaindir repos (at least some)
2008-03-24 Stephan Kulowinstall
2008-03-21 Michael Schroeder- also set installtime, downloadsize and license
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- add lookup_id function
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- rename str_lang to str_poollang
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- prepend "pattern:" to Extends/Include
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- init checksum type to zero (just in case)
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- add checksum lookup functions
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- also dump sha256
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- clean up a bit
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- adapt svn.ignore
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- clean up a bit
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- add some more signature ids
2008-03-20 Michael Schroeder- also support sha256
2008-03-20 Michael MatzYep, that helped. Was a typo in
2008-03-20 Michael MatzTrying chroot printf-debugging :)
2008-03-20 Michael MatzTrigger cruisecontrol.
2008-03-19 Michael MatzSupport new types for MD5 and SHA1 checksums (stored...
2008-03-19 Michael Schroeder- beautify add_array code
2008-03-19 Michael Schroeder- fix memory leak
2008-03-19 Michael MatzStore pattern order, includes, extends, category and...
2008-03-19 Michael MatzAdd functions to create IDARRAY attributes.
2008-03-19 Michael Schroeder- only add info block if there are file provides
2008-03-19 Michael Schroeder- shut up g++
2008-03-19 Michael Schroeder- write addedprovides as rel_idarray to save some bytes
2008-03-19 Michael Schroeder- write info block containing addedprovides
2008-03-19 Michael Andressome more known ids for patterns
2008-03-18 Michael Schroeder- move known id definitions to one file, lets see if...
2008-03-17 Stephan Kulowchangelog
2008-03-17 Michael MatzInitialize all allocated array members for blocky array...
2008-03-14 Michael Schroeder- fixed ugly bug that made repo_write drop the first...
2008-03-14 Michael Schroeder- move change calculation into pool
2008-03-14 Michael Schroeder- do away with printdir
2008-03-14 Michael Schroeder- add repodata_dir2str function
2008-03-14 Stephan Kulowautobuild submission
2008-03-14 Stephan Kulow"gzip: command not found" in my live cd chroot
2008-03-13 Duncan Mac... build the perl package
2008-03-13 Duncan Mac... fix finding perl
2008-03-13 Duncan Mac... more fedora fixes
2008-03-13 Duncan Mac... compile on other distros
2008-03-12 Stephan Kulowtesting package
2008-03-12 Michael MatzTrigger build in CruiseControl.
2008-03-12 Klaus Kaempfenable perl bindings
2008-03-11 Michael Schroeder- make deptestomatic also look for .gz files
2008-03-11 Michael Schroeder- Fix off by one (*blush*)
2008-03-11 Michael Schroeder- delete wrong comment. the learnt rule cannot be added...
2008-03-10 Stephan Kulowignore solv files
2008-03-10 Stephan Kulowgenerate the solv files from xml before running deptest...
2008-03-10 Michael Schroeder- fix learnt rule assertion in a different way
2008-03-10 Michael MatzStore the susetags datadir as an attribute to the produ...
2008-03-10 Michael MatzThe testcase for the makeruledecisions() FIXME assert...
2008-03-10 Michael MatzMake deptestomatic search for the exact release request...
2008-03-10 Michael MatzRestore all original *.xml.gz files for which SOLV...
2008-03-07 Michael MatzMake rpmdb2solv reasonably fast again.
2008-03-07 Michael Schroeder- add recommendations queue so that it can be displayed...
2008-03-07 Michael Schroeder- handle the poolusage=3, dirpoolusage=2 case a bit...