2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempfallow SLE10 build
2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempftestcase for Python 'providers' iterator
2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempfadd Python typemap for XSolvable **
2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempfput declarations before code
2008-12-03 Klaus KaempfPythons pointer mangling needs -fno-strict-aliasing
2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempfmake SWIG optional
2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempfskip test if 'check' not found
2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempfremove check for swig, bindings/ only gets included...
2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempfexplicity require graphviz on pre-11.0 SUSE systems
2008-12-03 Klaus KaempfFindPackageHandleStandardArgs needs cmake > 2.4
2008-12-01 Michael Schroeder- changes
2008-12-01 Michael Schroeder- update test result
2008-12-01 Michael Schroeder- prefer patterns again [bnc#450226]
2008-12-01 Michael Schroeder- changes
2008-12-01 Michael Schroeder- fix file dependency parsing
2008-11-28 Michael Schroeder- add version info
2008-11-28 Michael Schroeder- add changes
2008-11-28 Michael Schroeder- fix problem sorting
2008-11-25 Michael MatzRemove this dir, it was moved, but not via svn mv.
2008-11-24 Michael Schroeder- removed pattern check makes the solution even better
2008-11-24 Michael Schroeder- remove no longer needed pattern check, log minimizati...
2008-11-24 Michael Schroeder- make it compile
2008-11-24 Michael Schroeder- delete some SEARCH_NO_STORAGE_SOLVABLE that made...
2008-11-24 Klaus Kaempfprovide 'attr_values' callback for solvable: Iterates...
2008-11-24 Michael Schroeder- support <prerequires> in helix format
2008-11-21 Duncan Mac... changes
2008-11-21 Duncan Mac... go away repokey
2008-11-21 Duncan Mac... right tag name is cpeid
2008-11-21 Duncan Mac... fix
2008-11-21 Duncan Mac... fix spec, leave future docs in place but not enabled yet
2008-11-20 Klaus KaempfPerl testcase for solvable.identical()
2008-11-20 Michael Schroeder- adapt as well
2008-11-20 Michael Schroeder- get rid of unused pool argument in solvable_identical
2008-11-20 Klaus Kaempfmake solvable_identical() available
2008-11-20 Duncan Mac... add all authors
2008-11-20 Michael Andresversion
2008-11-20 Duncan Mac... adding the API for product information, ma will make...
2008-11-20 Duncan Mac... buildrequire doxygen
2008-11-20 Michael Schroeder- make unknown elements less fatal
2008-11-20 Duncan Mac... handle new rpmmd extensions
2008-11-19 Duncan Mac... ported to doxy autoinclude pages
2008-11-19 Michael Schroeder- include pyo/pyc in fedora builds
2008-11-19 Michael MatzCompile repo_write.c and common_write.c only once,...
2008-11-19 Michael Schroeder- clean up coding stype, delete dead code
2008-11-19 Duncan Mac... convert docs
2008-11-19 Michael Schroeder- get rid of that horrible rpmdb2solv hack, it's not...
2008-11-19 Duncan Mac... lets try to make this a documented project
2008-11-18 Duncan Mac... - adapt the attributes to support the new rpmmd spec...
2008-11-18 Michael Schroeder- support "-R" option for recursive plaindir search
2008-11-17 Michael Schroeder- change findproblemrule heuristics so that it looks...
2008-11-17 Michael Schroeder- fix repo prio pruning in the case when first solvable...
2008-11-17 Michael Schroeder- add "DartConfiguration.tcl" to exclude list
2008-11-17 Michael Schroeder- fix policy_filter_unwanted API
2008-11-17 Michael Schroeder- fix old FIXME by not pruning installed packages
2008-11-17 Michael Andres- Parse RELEASE tag from contentfile (bnc #444978)
2008-11-14 Michael Schroeder- create destination directory as cpack can no longer...
2008-11-14 Michael Schroeder- exclude some more files
2008-11-14 Michael Schroeder- bring cpack back to live
2008-11-14 Michael Schroeder- add changelog, bump version
2008-11-14 Michael Schroeder- fix typo in comment
2008-11-14 Michael Schroeder- fix mem leak
2008-11-14 Michael Schroeder- delete a couple of solved points
2008-11-14 Michael Schroeder- fix mem leak
2008-11-13 Klaus Kaempfinit whatprovides in providers()
2008-11-13 Michael Schroeder- fix multi-version corner cases
2008-11-13 Klaus Kaempfprovide array-like access to all solvables of Repo...
2008-11-13 Klaus Kaempfpool_count -> pool_xsolvables_count to make it consiste...
2008-11-13 Klaus Kaempfrename pool_size to pool_count to be in sync with Repo...
2008-11-13 Klaus Kaempfhelp iterator-less languages
2008-11-12 Klaus KaempfFIXME for get
2008-11-12 Klaus Kaempfadd 'pool->providers()' for Perl, and testcase
2008-11-12 Klaus Kaempfinitial providers testcase for Perl
2008-11-12 Klaus Kaempfdocument providers iterators better
2008-11-12 Klaus Kaempfdefine solvable equality for Perl: same pool, same id
2008-11-12 Klaus Kaempfreplace deprecated prune_best_arch_name_version (from...
2008-11-12 Klaus Kaempfmatch comment and function name
2008-11-12 Klaus Kaempfmoved to bindings/testdata
2008-11-12 Klaus Kaempfuse generic .solv from bindings/testdata
2008-11-12 Klaus Kaempfmore test data
2008-11-07 Michael Schroeder- check in the header file as well
2008-11-07 Michael Schroeder- fix multiversion handling in updatesystem case
2008-11-07 Michael Andreschanges
2008-11-07 Michael Schroeder- fix solvid setting
2008-11-07 Michael AndresQuick workaround failing dataiterator_init(SOLVID_POS...
2008-11-07 Michael Schroeder- got rid of some fprintfs...
2008-11-07 Michael Schroeder- do not always jump to first repo
2008-11-07 Klaus Kaempfdocument '-o'
2008-11-07 Klaus Kaempffix bnc#441043
2008-11-07 Klaus Kaempfmake it more robust, just report and skip bad entries...
2008-11-06 Michael Schroeder- make it look more like perl
2008-11-06 Klaus Kaempfadd 'user_data' argument to all applayer iterator callb...
2008-11-05 Klaus Kaempfuse separate build dir
2008-11-05 Michael Schroeder- fix probsolved logic
2008-11-05 Michael Schroeder- actually "unsigned long" is wrong, too. It should...
2008-11-05 Klaus Kaempffix compile on 64bit
2008-11-04 Michael Schroeder- also print stats for repo_helix
2008-11-04 Michael Schroeder- add support for SOLVER_ESSENTIAL flag, marks a job...
2008-11-04 Michael Schroeder- log more statistics
2008-10-31 Michael Schroeder- add '-o <outfile>' support
2008-10-31 Michael Schroeder- add "-P" option to rpmdb2solv, prints percentage...