allow SLE10 build
[opensuse:sat-solver-moved-to-github.git] / package /
2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempfallow SLE10 build
2008-12-03 Klaus Kaempfexplicity require graphviz on pre-11.0 SUSE systems
2008-11-21 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pfix spec, leave future docs in place but not enabled yet
2008-11-20 Duncan Mac-Vicar Padd all authors
2008-11-20 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pbuildrequire doxygen
2008-11-19 Michael Schroeder- include pyo/pyc in fedora builds
2008-10-30 Michael Schroeder- fix py_sitedir definition for fedora
2008-10-30 Michael Schroeder- adapt to coding style
2008-10-25 Michael Schroeder- more fixes for fedora...
2008-10-24 Michael Schroeder- fedora doesn't have py_requires
2008-10-23 Michael Schroeder- backport changes made by darix
2008-10-20 Michael Schroeder- more cleanups:
2008-10-17 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pthe devel part is also required
2008-10-17 Duncan Mac-Vicar PI should look really if something is packaged before...
2008-08-12 Klaus Kaempffix -bindings to build in beta
2008-07-01 Klaus Kaempf- adapt package name of bindings to follow naming conve...
2008-05-27 Stephan Kulowcompile with RPM_OPT_FLAGS
2008-05-16 Stephan Kulowtrying to fix package
2008-05-12 Stephan Kulowfix broken -debuginfo requires
2008-05-09 Klaus Kaempfmove helix2solv from satsolver-tools to satsolver-devel...
2008-04-04 Stephan Kulowgive me a tool to create package lists
2008-03-14 Stephan Kulow"gzip: command not found" in my live cd chroot
2008-03-13 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pbuild the perl package
2008-03-13 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pfix finding perl
2008-03-13 Duncan Mac-Vicar Pmore fedora fixes
2008-02-26 Duncan Mac-Vicar P- more build fixes for other distros
2008-02-25 Duncan Mac-Vicar P- some fixes to get the stack built in other distributions
2008-02-20 Michael Schroeder- link against rpmdb, not db43
2008-02-19 Stephan Kulowlet's complete that
2008-02-19 Stephan Kulowfix requires
2008-02-13 Klaus Kaempfupdate to version 0.0.14
2008-02-12 Stefan Schubertadded requirement for libexpat-devel; neede by the...
2008-02-07 Stephan Kulowrename libsatsolver in satsolver-tools
2008-02-07 Stephan Kulowsync with autobuild
2008-01-08 Stephan Kulowsync with autobuild
2007-11-16 Stephan Kulowtesting something
2007-11-16 Stephan Kulowadding ruby package
2007-11-16 Stephan Kulowupdate for releasing
2007-11-14 Stefan Schubertcmake added
2007-10-26 Michael Schroeder- move dep2str buffer into pool so that the memory...
2007-10-26 Duncan Mac-Vicar P- install the libraries
2007-10-26 Duncan Mac-Vicar P- fix packaging