last changeFri, 11 Apr 2008 07:11:50 +0000 (07:11 +0000)
2008-04-11 Ludwig Nusselinclude limit.h to fix build with glibc 2.8 master
2008-02-26 Ludwig Nussels/info.bus/info.subsystem/
2008-01-31 Ludwig Nusseldon't fetch supplementary groups for root to prevent...
2007-10-19 Ludwig Nusselonly resolve groups if they are actually needed due...
2007-10-19 Ludwig Nusselmake library depend on map file
2007-10-19 Ludwig Nusselremove svc_accept from exported list
2007-10-19 Ludwig Nusselfix memleak with scandir()
2007-09-10 Ludwig Nusselremove traces of libtool
2007-08-02 Ludwig Nusselresmgr 1.1 symbols
2007-08-02 Ludwig Nusselsupport user and group names of arbitrary length (...
2007-06-11 Ludwig Nusselremove references to usbraw hack
2007-04-16 Ludwig Nusselstart processes asynchronous
2007-03-12 Ludwig Nusseladd troubleshooting faq
2007-02-28 Ludwig Nusselmove hal-resmgr configuration examples to top level
2007-02-07 Ludwig Nussel- add hal-resmgr docu
2007-01-16 Ludwig Nusseladd exec_prefix to pkgconfig file (patch by Andreas...
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