2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonPrep for release 0.8.0 0.8.0
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonPrep for release 0.8.0
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonMANIFEST: Distribute API notes file
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonMake editcomponent, addcomponent use upstream API
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonImplement updateperms with User.update()
2013-02-14 Cole RobinsonUser: Track groups and groupnames
2013-02-12 Richard MarkoFix version(s) typo
2013-02-12 Richard MarkoExpose bug history
2013-02-02 Cole RobinsonAdd some notes about upstream API, various other bits
2013-02-02 Cole RobinsonMake sure we do URL fixup when detecting the bugzilla...
2013-02-01 Cole RobinsonHave return ordering of getusers match input (bz 906781)
2013-02-01 Cole RobinsonUser: Simplify class instantiation
2013-02-01 Cole RobinsonUser: Remove never-working update() method
2013-02-01 Cole RobinsonFix outputing lists of strings with --outputformat...
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonHandle flag_types going away the best we can
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonAdd updateattachmentflags() API (bz 623850)
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbug: Make tag append/remove smarter
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Add modify --whiteboard (bz 548183)
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonAdd some basic testing for NovellBugzilla
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Rework output formatting
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Prettier command lists on error
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonSimplify cookie handling with code from pybugz
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonDoh, fix hasattr impl
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonEPEL5 back compat fixes
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Make back compat post_translation opt in
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Simplify query --raw roundtrips
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonMake funky --outputformat options to their param names
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonDon't needlessly refresh when doing dir(bugobj)
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonUpdate doc files, add HACKING, .mailmap
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsontests: Add a basic login test
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbug: Drop old RH getbug compat
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbug: Add alias aware hasattr impl
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonBetter tests for outputformat quirks
2013-01-30 Cole RobinsonAnother test fix to not rely on locally changed values
2013-01-30 Cole RobinsonClarify some pylint checks we skip
2013-01-30 Cole RobinsonDrop all unresolved FIXME/XXX/TODO comments
2013-01-30 Cole RobinsonMake getbugsimple actually a bit simple
2013-01-30 Cole RobinsonRemove TODO file
2013-01-30 Cole RobinsonFix pylint warnings on F18
2013-01-30 Cole RobinsonPreserve old --oneline flag spacing
2013-01-30 Cole RobinsonUse a different bug for ro flag testing
2013-01-06 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Update the doc string
2013-01-02 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Do all modify commands in bulk
2012-12-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Make outputformat resilient to missing fields
2012-12-31 Cole RobinsonAdd tests for bug.get_flag* commands
2012-12-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Document how to clear a flag with 'modify'
2012-12-31 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Remove adduser, centralize createuser
2012-12-31 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Use upstream Flag.update and Bug.add_attachment
2012-12-31 Cole RobinsonReplace bug modify routines with update_bugs usage
2012-12-31 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Remove redundant _update_bug
2012-12-31 Cole Robinsonbug: Remove unused autorefresh parameter
2012-12-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Drop check_args parameter from createbug
2012-12-31 Cole RobinsonRearrange code
2012-12-30 Cole RobinsonBreak out and from
2012-12-30 Cole RobinsonFix creation_ts->creation_time alias
2012-12-30 Cole RobinsonRemove some pylint
2012-12-28 Cole RobinsonTry and clarify the official API bits in __init__
2012-12-28 Cole RobinsonAdd field aliases for old 'opendate' and 'creation_ts...
2012-12-28 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Switch to upstream getbug impls
2012-12-28 Cole RobinsonCombine bz3 and bz4 getbug* calls
2012-12-28 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Use upstream bugzilla getbugfields impl
2012-12-28 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Remove unused _get_info call
2012-12-28 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Remove dead code after comment change
2012-12-28 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Better docs for boolean options, add optiongroups
2012-12-27 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Only do boolean space splitting if it's for...
2012-12-27 Cole Robinsontests: Add a 'query --fixed_in' test
2012-12-27 Ralph BeanAdded GPL to the file.
2012-12-27 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Fix query --fixed_in (trac #35)
2012-12-27 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Add comment at same time as making other...
2012-12-27 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Allow querying multiple versions (trac #25)
2012-12-27 Cole RobinsonMake it harder to inadvertently use logging.debug
2012-12-27 Cole RobinsonMove url_to_query to Bugzilla class, remove
2012-12-27 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Remove long redundant encoding conversion
2012-12-27 Cole RobinsonSimplify user_agent generation and test it
2012-12-27 Cole RobinsonOnly store version string in one place
2012-12-27 Cole Build out 'pylint' command and fix warnings
2012-12-24 Cole RobinsonRemove manual tests
2012-12-24 Lukas Zachar Detection of the RH Bugzilla by the extension() call
2012-12-24 Bryan KearneyUpdate the data package for setting bug depdendencies...
2012-12-24 Cole Robinsontests: Add functional tests for 'bugzilla attach'
2012-12-24 Cole Robinsontests: Finish all 'bugzilla modify' tests
2012-12-24 Cole Robinsonsetup: Check tests dir for pylint (but don't fix yet)
2012-12-24 Cole Robinsontests: 'modify' status tests
2012-12-24 Cole Robinsonbin/bugzilla: Move 'modify' handling to its own function
2012-12-24 Cole Robinsontests: Add rw_functional tests
2012-12-24 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Add field aliases for blocked, dependson...
2012-12-24 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Improve handling of attribute alias compat
2012-12-23 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Clean up 'new' command
2012-12-23 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Move output formatting to its own function
2012-12-23 Cole Robinsontests: Add functional query --outputformat tests
2012-12-23 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Error if unused args are specified
2012-12-22 Cole Robinsontests: Add tests for query --oneline, --raw, --extra
2012-12-22 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Log stack trace if we catch exception from...
2012-12-22 Cole Robinsonbase: Remove noisy and redundant cookie logging
2012-12-22 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Improve --debug output format
2012-12-22 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Remove tab usage, error in the future
2012-12-22 Cole Robinsontests: Add basic functional query tests
2012-12-22 Cole Robinsontests: speed up functional tests
2012-12-22 Cole Robinsontests: Use a hidden cli arg for query unit testing
2012-12-22 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Use RHBugzilla class instead of backcompat...