2014-09-23 Bernhard M... update to reflect that server now has... master
2013-06-27 jan matejekMerge branch 'upstream' into staging staging suse3
2013-06-24 Cole Robinsonspec: Don't depend on python-magic on RHEL5
2013-06-19 Cole Robinsonspec: pycurl needed during build for test suite
2013-06-19 Cole RobinsonPrep for release 0.9.0 0.9.0
2013-06-19 Cole RobinsonCVE-2013-2191: Switch to pycurl to get SSL host and...
2013-06-19 Cole RobinsonAdd RPM spec file
2013-06-18 Cole Robinsoncli: Fix another spacing issue on usage printing
2013-06-18 Cole RobinsonRemove NovellBugzilla
2013-06-18 Cole Robinsonbase: Change default cookie format back to Mozilla
2013-06-18 Cole Robinsonbase: Always deal with cookies in LWP format
2013-06-18 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: add --summary
2013-06-18 Cole Robinsontests: Fix a minor failure
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: create: Allow multiple --blocks, --dependson...
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbase: Add build_createbug function
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Add --url
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Add --arch, --os, --version
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Add --priority, --severity
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Add --target_release, --target_milestone
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: qa, devel, internal whiteboard handling
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Add --blocked and --keywords
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Add --groups
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Allow --cc -email for removal
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Allow multiple --whiteboard
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Add --reset-assignee and --reset...
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Add option groups for 'modify' command
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsontests: Add functional tests for modify --dependson
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Allow multiple --dependson
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsontests: Add 'bugzilla modify' unit tests
2013-06-17 Cole Make it executable
2013-06-17 Cole RobinsonSimplify createbug() API to accept a dict like query()
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsontests: Add basic unit tests for 'bugzilla new'
2013-06-17 Cole RobinsonMove build_update to
2013-06-17 Cole RobinsonMove build_query to base
2013-06-17 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Is now bugzilla 4.4
2013-05-29 Cole Robinsonbz-api-notes: Fix bugzilla links
2013-05-28 jan matejeksuse-specific modifications suse2
2013-05-24 jan matejeknew NovellBugzilla on top of upstream 0.8.0
2013-05-24 jan matejekMerge branch 'master' into staging, overwriting all...
2013-05-21 Cole RobinsonRemove THANKS
2013-05-21 Paul W. FrieldsAdd 'bugzilla new --groups'
2013-05-21 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Make getbug report descriptive error (bz...
2013-05-21 Cole Robinsonrhbz 4.4 is out, drop back compat bits
2013-05-21 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Move _getbug private impls to
2013-05-21 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Move shared private impls to
2013-05-21 Cole Robinsonbugzilla3: Remove unused _getuserforid
2013-04-29 Cole RobinsonRemove getqueryinfo bits that no longer work
2013-04-29 Cole RobinsonMention url_to_query in the build_query docstring
2013-04-29 Cole RobinsonDrop needless _query override in rhbugzilla
2013-04-29 Cole Robinsontests: Fix to work with latest partner-bugzilla
2013-04-26 Cole RobinsonBunch of cookie handling cleanups and testing
2013-04-24 Cole Robinsonbuild_query: Handle boolean_query as string or list
2013-04-23 Cole Robinsontests: Fix coverage after recent import tweaks
2013-04-22 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Preserve cookiefile=None behavior
2013-04-22 Cole Robinsontests/ Fix pep8 issues
2013-04-22 Don Zickusbugzilla: use passed in cookies correctly
2013-04-21 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Add --component and --product
2013-04-13 Cole Robinsontests: Fix gitignore after last commit
2013-04-13 Cole Robinsontests: Replace 'scriptimports' with a much simpler...
2013-03-25 Cole Robinsonrhbz: Make post_translation safe to run multiple times
2013-03-25 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Remove redundant (and harmful) post_transla...
2013-03-13 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: modify: Remove parameter whitelist check
2013-03-12 Don Zickusmodify: new option --dependson
2013-03-01 Cole Robinsontest: List tests if using --only
2013-02-26 Cole RobinsonMove attachment type sniffing into API
2013-02-26 Cole Add 'tests --only [str]' for test filtering
2013-02-26 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Improve error reporting for adding attachments
2013-02-26 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Separate attach get and attach add handling
2013-02-26 Cole RobinsonFix uploading attachments as base64, and test it
2013-02-18 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Alias old delta_ts to new last_change_time
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonFix tests when run from source distribution
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonPrep for release 0.8.0 0.8.0
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonPrep for release 0.8.0
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonMANIFEST: Distribute API notes file
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonMake editcomponent, addcomponent use upstream API
2013-02-15 Cole RobinsonImplement updateperms with User.update()
2013-02-14 Cole RobinsonUser: Track groups and groupnames
2013-02-12 Richard MarkoFix version(s) typo
2013-02-12 Richard MarkoExpose bug history
2013-02-02 Cole RobinsonAdd some notes about upstream API, various other bits
2013-02-02 Cole RobinsonMake sure we do URL fixup when detecting the bugzilla...
2013-02-01 Cole RobinsonHave return ordering of getusers match input (bz 906781)
2013-02-01 Cole RobinsonUser: Simplify class instantiation
2013-02-01 Cole RobinsonUser: Remove never-working update() method
2013-02-01 Cole RobinsonFix outputing lists of strings with --outputformat...
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonHandle flag_types going away the best we can
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonAdd updateattachmentflags() API (bz 623850)
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbug: Make tag append/remove smarter
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Add modify --whiteboard (bz 548183)
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonAdd some basic testing for NovellBugzilla
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Rework output formatting
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Prettier command lists on error
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonSimplify cookie handling with code from pybugz
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonDoh, fix hasattr impl
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonEPEL5 back compat fixes
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonrhbugzilla: Make back compat post_translation opt in
2013-01-31 Cole Robinsonbugzilla: Simplify query --raw roundtrips
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonMake funky --outputformat options to their param names
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonDon't needlessly refresh when doing dir(bugobj)
2013-01-31 Cole RobinsonUpdate doc files, add HACKING, .mailmap