2009-08-18 Eduardo HabkostImplement unicode(bug)
2009-07-28 Will WoodsChange the --oneline flag output to remove the ':'
2009-07-28 Michal VyskocilNovellBugzilla implementation.
2009-07-28 Michal VyskocilUse LWPCookieJar by default.
2009-04-14 Will WoodsFix URL
2009-04-09 Will WoodsMerge branch '0.5'
2009-04-09 Will WoodsUpdate man page
2009-04-09 Will WoodsMerge from_url from 0.5 branch
2009-04-09 Will Woodsmerge from master
2009-04-09 Will WoodsFix from_url arg parsing
2009-04-09 Toshio KuratomiUnicode fix for bugzilla query command.
2009-04-06 Will WoodsAdd bugzilla.util.url_to_query, and --from_url flag
2009-04-01 Will WoodsAdd --private, --status, --assignee, --flag, --cc for...
2009-04-01 Will WoodsAdd support for adding comments to bugzilla modifications
2009-04-01 Will WoodsAdd --target_milestone (dzickus)
2009-04-01 Will Woodsalias returns a list (dzickus)
2009-04-01 Will WoodsFix devel_whiteboard (#493478) (thanks, dzickus)
2009-03-25 Will WoodsI declare 0.5 final! Mark it, dude!
2009-03-23 Will WoodsFix openattachment (bug #487673)
2009-03-10 Toshio Kuratomifix problem where login wasn't saving the cookies to...
2009-02-13 Will WoodsTrivial documentation updates
2009-02-12 Will WoodsChange version numbers for 0.5
2009-02-12 Will WoodsMinor update to TODO
2009-02-12 Toshio KuratomiAdd permissive so that invalid bugs don't abort the...
2009-01-23 Toshio KuratomiMake cookiefile a property. If it is set to None,...
2009-01-21 Toshio KuratomiBackwards compatibility for Bug/_Bug
2009-01-21 Toshio KuratomiWork even if we have no cookiefile.
2009-01-16 Toshio KuratomiWork on User methods enabled by BZ-3.4:
2008-11-10 Will WoodsFix merge, revert hack for --component
2008-11-10 Will WoodsMerge
2008-11-10 Will WoodsStop using tuples inappropriately
2008-11-09 Jon StanleyUgly hack to make -c <component> work again
2008-11-06 Jon Stanleyfix up updateperms() and adduser( to pass password...
2008-11-02 Jon Stanleyfix up new methods
2008-11-02 Jon Stanleyadd editcomponent() method
2008-11-02 Jon Stanleyfix up addcomponents()
2008-11-02 Jon Stanleyadd addcomponent() call
2008-10-16 Will WoodsFix up README and TODO for rc4
2008-10-16 Will WoodsUpdate version for rc4.
2008-10-16 Will WoodsFix CLI help, update manpage
2008-10-16 Will Woodsdocstring fix - reload is an alias for *refresh*
2008-10-15 Will Woodsfix possible traceback when passed a string like "1234...
2008-10-15 Will WoodsWhoops - RHBZ3 _getbugs wasn't returning a list if...
2008-10-15 Will WoodsPatch from Jon Stanley - add adduser()
2008-10-15 Will WoodsDon't replace Fault with None if we're only getting...
2008-10-15 Will WoodsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-15 Will WoodsFix addcc/deletecc
2008-10-14 Will WoodsDefault to returning bugs with any status.
2008-10-14 Will WoodsAdd --bztype flag to CLI (save a couple roundtrips)
2008-10-13 Will Woodsfix my cleanups of --oneline output
2008-10-13 Will Woodsclean up dzickus' --oneline patch
2008-10-13 Will WoodsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-10-13 Don ZickusAdd new output option --oneline for quick bz summary
2008-10-13 Will WoodsFix --full output for BZ3 - patch from Don Zickus
2008-10-09 Will WoodsAdd updateperms(). Patch courtesy of Jon Stanley.
2008-10-08 Will WoodsDrop spurious definitions of functions that just raise...
2008-09-19 Will WoodsGet ready for rc3 - add man page
2008-09-18 Will Woods0.4-rc2
2008-09-18 Will WoodsAuto-generated manpage
2008-09-18 Will WoodsAdd code to auto-generate manpage
2008-09-18 Will WoodsSmall note about incomplete manpage
2008-09-10 Will WoodsComment-only update - remove alias info in createbug...
2008-09-10 Will WoodsUpdate docs a little
2008-09-10 Will WoodsFix attachfile - thanks clumens
2008-09-09 Will WoodsExplicitly refresh bug data after creating a new bug
2008-09-09 Will WoodsFix createbug_required for bz32
2008-09-09 Will WoodsUpdate docstring to better reflect upstream bugzilla...
2008-09-04 Will Woodscookielib won't read empty files - let it write the...
2008-09-04 Will Woodschange version number so we can release 0.4-rc1
2008-09-04 Will WoodsUpdate TODO
2008-09-04 Will WoodsMerge from abstractify branch
2008-09-04 Will WoodsAdd comments, raise exception if Bugzilla class autodet...
2008-09-04 Will WoodsCreate cookiefile with 0600 perms
2008-08-26 Will WoodsForgot xmlrpclib import
2008-08-26 Will Woodsmove "import copy" along with multicall methods
2008-08-26 Will WoodsAttempt to support multicall _getbugs in RHBugzilla3
2008-08-26 Will WoodsMove multicall methods to RHBugzilla, since they're...
2008-08-26 Will WoodsFix version/useragent for RHBugzilla
2008-08-26 Will WoodsUpdate comments
2008-08-25 Will WoodsMore useful debugging info
2008-08-25 Will WoodsHandle ^C a little more cleanly
2008-08-25 Will WoodsComment cleanups and extra debugging info
2008-08-22 Will Woodsreplace_getbug_errors_with_None moved to bugzilla.base...
2008-08-19 Will Woodsminor comment tweak
2008-08-19 Will WoodsPrefer RHBugzilla3 over RHBugzilla
2008-08-19 Will WoodsMove bugzilla3.RHBugzilla32 to rhbugzilla.RHBugzilla3...
2008-08-18 Will Woodscomment cleanups
2008-08-18 Will Woodscleanups - remove unsupported methods, update comments
2008-08-18 Will WoodsComment cleanups
2008-08-18 Will WoodsFix syntax error
2008-08-18 Will Woodsupdate TODO
2008-08-18 Will WoodsFix possible string formatting bug
2008-08-18 Will WoodsAdd addcc/deletecc to Bug object
2008-08-18 Will WoodsFix up _updatecc - change the action param to match...
2008-08-15 Will Woodsfinish _updatewhiteboard
2008-08-15 Will Woodsclean up update_bug calls
2008-08-15 Will WoodsPartial implementation of _updatewhiteboard
2008-08-15 Will WoodsAdd RHBugzilla32 class and shuffle methods around ...
2008-08-15 Will WoodsFix typo in _setassignee
2008-08-15 Will WoodsModify _updatedeps slightly (it wasn't being used by...