2011-05-26 Michal Vyskocilallow various bnc instances in NovellBugzilla suse
2011-05-23 Michal Vyskocilnovell bugzilla run on 3.4
2011-05-23 Jan Matejeknovell bugzilla support in getBugzillaClassForURL
2011-05-23 Michal Vyskocilfix typo in url argument
2011-05-23 Michal Vyskocilobfuscated password support in oscrc
2010-08-05 James LaskaBug#621601 - correct boolean option handling
2010-08-05 Will Woodsmove RHBugzilla3 back to using Bugzilla34._query
2010-08-05 Will WoodsRevert "Make RHBugzilla use upstream Bugzilla3 _query...
2010-08-05 Will WoodsFix for httplib/xmlrpclib changes in py2.7
2010-07-29 Jan Matejekpython-bugzilla - non-string bug IDs
2010-07-12 Will WoodsAdd a little bit of debugging
2010-07-12 Will WoodsConvert int-in-str ids (like we get from the CLI) to int
2010-07-12 Will WoodsFix's bugzilla3 imports
2010-07-07 Will WoodsFix UnicodeEncodeError (bug #612245)
2010-06-28 Will WoodsMake RHBugzilla use upstream Bugzilla3 _query/_getbugs
2010-06-28 Will WoodsAdd Bugzilla34._query
2010-06-28 Will WoodsMake Bugzilla3._getbugs return None for bad bug ids...
2010-06-25 Will WoodsAdd modify --qa_contact
2010-04-27 Will WoodsFix query --qa_whiteboard
2010-04-23 Will WoodsFix url_to_query/--oneline to properly send repeated...
2010-04-16 Will WoodsUpdate version to 0.6.1, refresh man page 0.6.1
2010-04-16 Will WoodsExport (and auto-select) the Bugzilla34 and Bugzilla36...
2010-04-16 Will WoodsAdd Bugzilla36 class
2010-04-16 Will WoodsUpdate docs/version, use RH getBugFields (reverts b6caf8a1)
2010-04-14 Will WoodsFix UnicodeEncodeError with --outputformat and fields...
2010-04-09 Will WoodsMake sure all known bugfields are filled in when doing...
2010-04-09 Will WoodsUse bz.rh.c's new (experimental) Bug.get_fields method...
2010-04-09 Will Woodsskip autodetection and assume RHBugzilla3 for bugzilla...
2010-04-08 Will WoodsProperly handle missing arguments for all commands.
2010-04-08 Will Woodsgive parser error if we get a command with no args...
2010-04-01 Will WoodsHandle xmlrpclib.Fault cleanly, and document the exit...
2010-04-01 Will WoodsFix bug #577327 - _setassignee mishandled keywords...
2010-03-02 Will WoodsAdd THANKS file 0.6.0
2010-02-25 Will WoodsUpdate version to 0.6 and Copyright years
2010-02-25 Will WoodsUpdate bugzilla.1 man page
2010-02-25 Will WoodsMerge branch 'merged' of ssh://
2010-02-25 Will WoodsHandle socket failure cleanly
2010-02-25 Jarod WilsonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-01-06 rootMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into dummy
2009-12-21 Toshio Kuratomifix for bugzilla sometimes not returning any value...
2009-10-13 Will WoodsMerge branch '0.5'
2009-10-13 Will WoodsFix --cc option (dzickus)
2009-09-09 Eduardo Habkostfix get_flag_status
2009-09-02 Will Woods"utterly trivial patch to make 'info -p' output a bit...
2009-08-18 Eduardo HabkostMake the Bug class more friendly to pickling
2009-08-18 Eduardo Habkostbin/bugzilla: add --fixed_in option to 'modify' command
2009-08-18 Eduardo Habkostsetwhiteboard: support 'private' parameter
2009-08-18 Eduardo HabkostAllow adding comments when updating whiteboards
2009-08-18 Eduardo HabkostSupport some special method-call fields on outputformat
2009-08-18 Eduardo Habkostflag info helper methods on Bug class
2009-08-18 Eduardo HabkostFallback to MozillaCookieJar at the right point
2009-08-18 Eduardo HabkostBug.__str__: encode string before returning
2009-08-18 Eduardo HabkostImplement unicode(bug)
2009-07-28 Will WoodsChange the --oneline flag output to remove the ':'
2009-07-28 Michal VyskocilNovellBugzilla implementation.
2009-07-28 Michal VyskocilUse LWPCookieJar by default.
2009-06-26 Don ZickusHandle really simple boolean queries
2009-06-26 Don ZickusAllow multiple boolean-query options
2009-06-05 Don ZickusSpeed up --oneline dramatically
2009-06-05 Don Zickusadd new report style --raw
2009-06-05 Don ZickusAlign the bugzilla status with normal output
2009-06-05 Don ZickusAllow --cc to work when creating bugs
2009-06-01 Don ZickusAdd negate feature to bugzilla query
2009-06-01 Don ZickusAdd more query functionality to bugzilla flags
2009-06-01 Don ZickusConvert product name into a list for query
2009-04-20 Don ZickusAdd modify support for private, status, assignee, flags...
2009-04-20 Don ZickusChange the --oneline flag output to remove the ':'
2009-04-14 Will WoodsMerge branch 'master' into 0.5
2009-04-14 Will WoodsFix URL
2009-04-09 Will WoodsUpdate version to 0.5.1
2009-04-09 Will WoodsMerge branch '0.5'
2009-04-09 Will WoodsUpdate man page
2009-04-09 Will WoodsMerge from_url from 0.5 branch
2009-04-09 Will Woodsmerge from master
2009-04-09 Will WoodsFix from_url arg parsing
2009-04-09 Toshio KuratomiUnicode fix for bugzilla query command.
2009-04-06 Will WoodsAdd bugzilla.util.url_to_query, and --from_url flag
2009-04-01 Will WoodsAdd --private, --status, --assignee, --flag, --cc for...
2009-04-01 Will WoodsAdd support for adding comments to bugzilla modifications
2009-04-01 Will WoodsAdd --target_milestone (dzickus)
2009-04-01 Will Woodsalias returns a list (dzickus)
2009-04-01 Will WoodsFix devel_whiteboard (#493478) (thanks, dzickus)
2009-03-25 Will WoodsI declare 0.5 final! Mark it, dude!
2009-03-23 Will WoodsFix openattachment (bug #487673)
2009-03-10 Toshio Kuratomifix problem where login wasn't saving the cookies to...
2009-02-13 Will WoodsTrivial documentation updates
2009-02-12 Will WoodsChange version numbers for 0.5
2009-02-12 Will WoodsMinor update to TODO
2009-02-12 Toshio KuratomiAdd permissive so that invalid bugs don't abort the...
2009-01-23 Toshio KuratomiMake cookiefile a property. If it is set to None,...
2009-01-21 Toshio KuratomiBackwards compatibility for Bug/_Bug
2009-01-21 Toshio KuratomiWork even if we have no cookiefile.
2009-01-16 Toshio KuratomiWork on User methods enabled by BZ-3.4:
2008-11-10 Will WoodsFix merge, revert hack for --component
2008-11-10 Will WoodsMerge
2008-11-10 Will WoodsStop using tuples inappropriately
2008-11-09 Jon StanleyUgly hack to make -c <component> work again
2008-11-06 Jon Stanleyfix up updateperms() and adduser( to pass password...
2008-11-02 Jon Stanleyfix up new methods
2008-11-02 Jon Stanleyadd editcomponent() method