code cleanup
[opensuse:python-bugzilla.git] /
2007-09-12 Will Woodscode cleanup
2007-09-12 Will Woodsrename Bug.tags() back to Bug.gettags()
2007-09-12 Will Woodsadd _getbugsfull, clean up getbugs and query a bit
2007-09-12 Will WoodsAdd multicall methods _getbugs and _get_info; fix typo...
2007-09-07 Will Woodsbe a bit clearer about getbug/getbugfull
2007-09-07 Will Woodsmake query() and getbug() return Bugs, adapt
2007-09-06 Will Woodsadd Bug object, which has methods for modifying bugs
2007-09-06 Will Woodsrework "components" and "products" a bit to do caching...
2007-09-06 Will WoodsAdd openattachment and attachfile
2007-09-05 Will Woodsminor doc/comment cleanups
2007-09-05 Will Woodsexplain how query() works better
2007-09-05 Will Woodsadd querydata, querydefaults, and query; slight fixup...
2007-09-04 Will Woodsadd TODO comment
2007-08-30 Will Woodsuseful comment about cookies v. login/password
2007-08-30 Will Woodsremove selftest code
2007-08-30 Will Woodsinitial import