2008-09-10 Will WoodsFix attachfile - thanks clumens
2008-09-09 Will WoodsExplicitly refresh bug data after creating a new bug
2008-09-09 Will WoodsFix createbug_required for bz32
2008-09-09 Will WoodsUpdate docstring to better reflect upstream bugzilla...
2008-09-04 Will Woodscookielib won't read empty files - let it write the...
2008-09-04 Will Woodschange version number so we can release 0.4-rc1
2008-09-04 Will WoodsUpdate TODO
2008-09-04 Will WoodsMerge from abstractify branch
2008-09-04 Will WoodsAdd comments, raise exception if Bugzilla class autodet...
2008-09-04 Will WoodsCreate cookiefile with 0600 perms
2008-08-26 Will WoodsForgot xmlrpclib import
2008-08-26 Will Woodsmove "import copy" along with multicall methods
2008-08-26 Will WoodsAttempt to support multicall _getbugs in RHBugzilla3
2008-08-26 Will WoodsMove multicall methods to RHBugzilla, since they're...
2008-08-26 Will WoodsFix version/useragent for RHBugzilla
2008-08-26 Will WoodsUpdate comments
2008-08-25 Will WoodsMore useful debugging info
2008-08-25 Will WoodsHandle ^C a little more cleanly
2008-08-25 Will WoodsComment cleanups and extra debugging info
2008-08-22 Will Woodsreplace_getbug_errors_with_None moved to bugzilla.base...
2008-08-19 Will Woodsminor comment tweak
2008-08-19 Will WoodsPrefer RHBugzilla3 over RHBugzilla
2008-08-19 Will WoodsMove bugzilla3.RHBugzilla32 to rhbugzilla.RHBugzilla3...
2008-08-18 Will Woodscomment cleanups
2008-08-18 Will Woodscleanups - remove unsupported methods, update comments
2008-08-18 Will WoodsComment cleanups
2008-08-18 Will WoodsFix syntax error
2008-08-18 Will Woodsupdate TODO
2008-08-18 Will WoodsFix possible string formatting bug
2008-08-18 Will WoodsAdd addcc/deletecc to Bug object
2008-08-18 Will WoodsFix up _updatecc - change the action param to match...
2008-08-15 Will Woodsfinish _updatewhiteboard
2008-08-15 Will Woodsclean up update_bug calls
2008-08-15 Will WoodsPartial implementation of _updatewhiteboard
2008-08-15 Will WoodsAdd RHBugzilla32 class and shuffle methods around ...
2008-08-15 Will WoodsFix typo in _setassignee
2008-08-15 Will WoodsModify _updatedeps slightly (it wasn't being used by...
2008-08-15 Will WoodsLet's not skip version 0.4 just yet.
2008-08-15 Will WoodsRemove unneccesary comments/docstrings on unimplemented...
2008-08-15 Will WoodsAdd _update_bugs, implement most of the backend calls...
2008-08-08 Will WoodsFix up _getbugssimple
2008-08-08 Will WoodsMove multicall methods into rhbugzilla, since normal...
2008-08-05 Will Woodsbump version number, improve login action
2008-08-05 Will WoodsAdd disconnect() and logout() methods
2008-08-05 Will WoodsUse Bugzilla32 where applicable
2008-08-05 Will WoodsAdd _logout method, initial Bugzilla32 class
2008-08-05 Will WoodsAPI reminder
2008-08-05 Will Woodsforgot to bring back --cookiefile
2008-08-05 Will WoodsFix syntax error typo
2008-08-05 Will WoodsAdd login command and python-bugzilla-specific cookie...
2008-07-28 Will WoodsFix cookielib import to work with jython (mcepl)
2008-07-14 Will Woodsadd TODO reminder about bz 3.2
2008-07-14 Will WoodsMerge branch 'abstractify' of ssh://git.fedorahosted...
2008-07-14 Will Woodscomment changes, remove unneeded extra Bugzilla object
2008-06-21 Will Woodstodos for man pages
2008-06-10 Will WoodsTest the product/component handling
2008-06-10 Will WoodsExplicitly mark methods unsupported by bugzilla3.0...
2008-06-10 Will Woodsstop sending passwords with rhbugzilla requests - rely...
2008-06-10 Will WoodsFix up selftest a bit
2008-06-09 Will Woods.bugzillarc support, small fix for bugzilla3 compatibility
2008-06-06 Will WoodsBegin adding .bugzillarc support
2008-06-06 Will Woodsremove broken cookiefile junk, add more debugging
2008-06-06 Will Woodsignore build dir
2008-06-06 Will WoodsFix cookie handling for bugzilla installations not...
2008-06-05 Will WoodsAdd some logging
2008-06-05 Will WoodsAdd a whole bunch of useful flags, courtesy of Chris...
2008-06-05 Will WoodsComment changes
2008-06-05 Will WoodsQuietly fixup missing bug_file_loc
2008-05-16 Will WoodsFix inconsistent comment
2008-04-02 Will WoodsPatch to add --blocked and --dependson from jkeating
2008-03-26 Will WoodsAdd comment for later
2008-03-26 Will Woodsupdate man page a bit
2008-03-25 Will WoodsImprove Bugzilla3 class - getbug() works now! I think!
2008-03-25 Will WoodsWoo doggies a big chunk of abstractification.
2008-02-18 Will Woodsadd --reporter flag and --status alias to query
2008-01-12 Will Woodsbump versions for release
2008-01-08 Will Woodsslightly better replace_getbug_errors.. method
2008-01-08 Will WoodsAdd raw Bugzilla._updateflags() method
2008-01-04 Will Woodsstupid naive tweak in replace_errors_with_None for...
2008-01-04 Will WoodsHandle missing bugs better when modifying
2008-01-04 Will Woodshandle faults during multicalls better; synthesize...
2008-01-03 Will WoodsSimplify "modify" code block
2008-01-03 Will Woodsreminder comment about multicall modify
2008-01-03 Will Woodsinitial "modify" support - you can close and comment...
2008-01-03 Will WoodsClarify AttributeError for missing attributes; add...
2008-01-03 Will WoodsAdd Bug.setstatus(), fix Bugzilla._setstatus(), add...
2008-01-02 Will Woodsadd some comments and refactor setassignee a little bit
2008-01-02 Will WoodsImplement Bugzilla._closebug() and Bug.close()
2007-12-17 Will Woodsimprove man page
2007-12-17 Will Woodssyntax problem with help option. whoops.
2007-12-12 Will Woodsduh, close needs a resolution
2007-12-12 Will Woodsmore work on modify, fix optparsing
2007-12-12 Will Woodsfirst hack at a manpage
2007-12-12 Will Woodsfix up option parsing a bit, and add beginnings of...
2007-12-11 Will Woodsremove #! line - this is a library, not an executable...
2007-11-05 lmacken@redhat.comSquash a couple of bugs
2007-11-05 Will Woodsadd some distutils stuff to .gitignore
2007-11-05 Will Woodsfix some packaging junk, clarify README a bit
2007-10-02 Will Woodsadd --blocked and --dependson
2007-09-19 Will Woodsdo parser.error if missing required arguments to new