last changeTue, 4 Jan 2011 20:49:19 +0000 (21:49 +0100)
2011-01-04 Jan BlunckReplace deprecated elf_getshstrndx() master
2011-01-04 Jan Blunckautotools: Create m4 directory during bootstrap
2009-09-21 Jan BlunckFix crash in map_seach_ehdr()
2009-09-21 Jan BlunckAdd copyright notice and license
2009-02-04 Jan BlunckPrint load address of objects
2008-12-17 Jan Blunckautotools: Handling Local Macros
2008-11-26 Jan BlunckChange manual page to pod format
2008-11-11 Jan BlunckEnable dist-bzip2 instead of dist-gzip
2008-11-11 Jan BlunckAdd AUTHORS and INSTALL to EXTRA_DIST
2008-11-11 Jan BlunckAdd documentation files for Release 0.1
2008-11-11 Jan BlunckRenamed README -> README.pstack
2008-11-10 Jan BlunckAdd pbuildid manual page
2008-11-10 Jan BlunckParse section headers when processing executables
2008-11-07 Jan Blunckprintf() cleanups
2008-11-07 Jan BlunckCheck the version of the linker protocol used by the...
2008-11-07 Jan BlunckRelocate the AT_SYSINFO_EHDR to match the link_map...
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