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2012-03-07 Henne Vogelsangput a membership badge beneath the avatar on the userpage
2012-02-16 Thomas Schmidtsend mail to membership officials
2012-02-11 Thomas Schmidtchange alias to
2012-02-10 Thomas Schmidtadd security@o.o alias
2012-02-09 Pavol Rusnakuse https for gravatar as well
2012-02-09 Pavol Rusnakuse https for counter.o.o
2011-12-07 Thomas Schmidtadd link to connect page in notification
2011-12-07 Thomas Schmidtadditional information in the accept/reject mails
2011-12-07 Thomas Schmidtfix for 'invalid' characters in usernames
2011-11-08 Thomas Schmidtuser groups link to userpage
2011-11-08 Henne Vogelsangchange header
2011-11-08 Henne VogelsangAdd counter to the frontpage
2011-10-27 Thomas Schmidtremove division by zero
2011-10-07 Thomas Schmidtadd note about patches
2011-10-07 Thomas Schmidtfix display of poll enddate
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