set org.freedesktop.accounts.user-administration to auth_admin_keep
[opensuse:polkit-default-privs.git] / polkit-default-privs.standard
2011-07-21 Ludwig Nusselset org.freedesktop.accounts.user-administration to...
2011-07-14 Ludwig Nusseladd more systemd privileges (bnc#705677)
2011-07-07 Ludwig Nusselset org.gnome.gconf.defaults.* to auth_admin_keep ...
2011-06-16 Ludwig Nusseladd colord (bnc#698250)
2011-05-16 Ludwig Nusselwebyast shutdown privs (bnc#687807)
2011-05-05 Ludwig Nusseladd org.freedesktop.ModemManager.USSD (bnc#691896)
2011-05-05 Ludwig Nusselmore systemd stuff (bnc#641924)
2011-05-02 Ludwig Nusseladd account services (bnc#676638)
2011-05-02 Ludwig Nusseladd NetworkManager.settings.modify.hostname (bnc#680140)
2011-05-02 Ludwig Nusseladd org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.all-edit (bnc...
2011-04-28 Ludwig Nusselnew gnome-settings-daemon settings (bnc#690496)
2011-04-26 Ludwig Nusseladd urfkill (bnc#688328)
2011-03-16 Ludwig Nusseladd some new NetworkManager privileges (bnc#680140)
2011-03-07 Ludwig Nusselallow org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Device.Info for...
2011-02-15 Ludwig Nusselkde backlight helper (bnc#672145)
2011-02-15 Ludwig Nusseladd webyast network module
2011-02-14 Ludwig Nusselmore webyast
2011-02-09 Ludwig Nusselanother webyast action
2011-02-08 Ludwig Nusseladd webyast-base-ws (bnc#660981)
2011-01-26 Ludwig Nusselallow setting the backlight without authentication
2011-01-21 Ludwig Nusseladd xfce4-power-manager (bnc#665169)
2010-12-15 Ludwig Nusseladd org.freedesktop.packagekit.upgrade-system (bnc...
2010-11-24 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-10-19 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-08-06 Ludwig Nusseladd org.kde.kcontrol.kcmkdm
2010-08-06 Ludwig Nusselorg.gnome.clockapplet.mechanism -> org.gnome.settingsda...
2010-06-17 Ludwig Nusselchange org.opensuse.cupspkhelper.mechanism.* to auth_ad...
2010-04-06 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-04-01 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-03-26 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2010-02-25 Ludwig Nusseladd policies that appeared in Factory
2009-10-22 Ludwig Nusselallow users to set the drive spindown time (bnc#548858) openSUSE_11.2
2009-10-06 Ludwig Nusseladd more privileges from Factory
2009-08-28 Ludwig Nusseladd new policies from Factory
2008-12-11 Ludwig Nusseladd privileges silently indroduced by new hal SLES11
2008-11-25 Ludwig Nusseladd missing cupspkhelper privileges openSUSE_11.1
2008-11-20 Ludwig -> org.opensuse...
2008-10-28 Ludwig Nusseladd system-config-printer and a few more hal device...
2008-10-24 Ludwig Nusselfix some wrong privilege settings
2008-09-16 Ludwig Nusseladd backup-manager
2008-09-11 Ludwig Nusselallow setting the sytem timezone and installing updates...
2008-09-04 Ludwig Nusselupdate privileges
2008-09-04 Ludwig Nusselrename files