Fixed bnc#753589 - sysctl.conf settings are lost when changing powerstate
[opensuse:pm-utils.git] / pm / sleep.d / 75modules
2012-04-17 vdziewieckiFixed bnc#753589 - sysctl.conf settings are lost when... dell opensuse
2010-06-19 Victor LowtherMerge remote branch 'UPSTREAM/master'
2010-06-18 Victor LowtherMerge remote branch 'UPSTREAM/master'
2010-06-15 Victor LowtherAdded informative messages to some of the sleep hooks.
2010-04-10 Victor LowtherMerge branch 'debian'
2008-07-23 Victor LowtherMerge branch 'pm-utils-1.1' into pm-utils-1.2
2008-06-01 Victor LowtherMerge branch 'vlowther-reorganize-hooks'
2008-05-18 Victor LowtherSplit the NTP handling code in 90clock into its own...