2010-07-27 Henne Vogelsangfix links that point into the wiki
2010-07-27 Danny Kukawkareuse apiurl instead reading it again and again from...
2010-07-27 Danny Kukawkachanged print_repos() to print only repos on request
2010-07-27 Danny Kukawkadon't raise error message after self.print_repos()
2010-07-27 Danny KukawkaMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-27 Danny Kukawkafixed 'osc buildconfig'
2010-07-26 Juergen Weigert - fixed references into to honor...
2010-07-26 Marcus Huewe- do_buildlog: show appropriate error msg if too many...
2010-07-26 Danny Kukawkafixed serveral warnings from
2010-07-26 Marcus Huewe- do_buildinfo: support --prefer-pkgs
2010-07-23 Adrian Schröterfix "osc up" on broken link (as instructed by Michael ;)
2010-07-21 Adrian Schröterpoint the users to the "branch" command
2010-07-20 Adrian Schröterimport "osc aggregate --nosources" feature, implemented...
2010-07-19 Adrian Schröterdo not source validate special packages which start...
2010-07-19 Michal ČihařAnother case of dash escaping.
2010-07-19 Michal ČihařFix typo.
2010-07-18 Adrian Schröteropen 0.129 development
2010-07-16 Adrian SchröterRevert "no need to warn about empty validator dir" 0.128
2010-07-16 Adrian Schröterupdate NEWS file and prepare for 0.128 release
2010-07-14 Adrian Schröterfix python syntax error from last commit
2010-07-14 Michel Alexandre... Use vi as the fallback editor on Fedora; vim not guaran...
2010-07-13 Marcus Huewe- fixed SyntaxError
2010-07-13 Adrian Schröteradd signkey --extend command
2010-07-13 Marcus Huewe- fixed import
2010-07-13 Marcus Huewe- removed useless continue
2010-07-12 Danny Kukawkachanged do_repos() to filter out disabled repos of...
2010-07-08 Marcus Huewe- more helpful error message if osc cannot run the...
2010-07-07 Ludwig Nusselno need to warn about empty validator dir
2010-07-07 Ludwig Nusselallow to restrict 'my pkgs' to maintained ones
2010-07-07 Michal ČihařNothing guarantees that HTTPError has read method.
2010-07-06 Marcus Huewe- more precise error message about missing source_validator
2010-07-06 Danny Kukawkarespect -A for 'osc deleterequest'
2010-07-06 Danny Kukawkachanged 'osc deleterequest' to get info from checked...
2010-07-02 Marcus Huewe- read_meta_from_spec: don't exit if tag/section is...
2010-07-02 Ludwig Nusselsupport $EDITOR with arguments (bnc#619215)
2010-07-01 Danny Kukawkamake getbinaries also work in project dirs
2010-06-30 Ludwig Nusselless verbose results output by default
2010-06-30 Ludwig Nusselallow to override apiurl for 'build'
2010-06-29 Juergen WeigertMake 'trust always' more verbose, so that a user learns...
2010-06-29 Juergen WeigertMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-29 Juergen Weigertrequest_interactive_review() should not die with strage...
2010-06-29 Adrian Schrötersupport re-open of requests
2010-06-29 Juergen WeigertMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-28 Danny KukawkaMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-28 Danny Kukawkafixed tempfile leaking in osc diff function
2010-06-28 Ludwig Nusselimplicitly trust the project we are building for
2010-06-28 Jan EngelhardtAdd can_also_build definitions for SPARC
2010-06-28 Jan Engelhardtosc/commandline: fix reoccurring typo
2010-06-27 Danny KukawkaMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-27 Danny Kukawkaextended 'osc wipebinaries' to read package/project...
2010-06-25 Ludwig Nusseladd support for --oldpackages
2010-06-23 Ludwig Nusselimplement trusted projects
2010-06-23 Ludwig Nusselnormalize apiurl
2010-06-23 Ludwig Nusselcompact empty lines
2010-06-23 Ludwig Nusselauto apiurl for osc meta
2010-06-23 Ludwig Nusselfix getbinaries --sources
2010-06-21 Danny Kukawkaanother fix for osc results -r/-a in project directories
2010-06-18 Danny Kukawkafixed osc results -r/-a, pass values to get_package_res...
2010-06-18 Adrian Schröter_product packages have _meta files ...
2010-06-15 Danny Kukawkafixed some warnings from pychecker
2010-06-15 Danny Kukawkafixed whitespaces in osc getbinaries help text
2010-06-14 Marcus Huewe- ignore tmp files from "vc" (*.changes.*)
2010-06-09 Pavol RusnakRevert "package cache should be in /var/cache not in...
2010-06-09 Pavol Rusnakpackage cache should be in /var/cache not in /var/tmp
2010-06-09 Michal ČihařFix typo.
2010-06-09 Michal ČihařWhitespace fixup.
2010-06-09 Michal ČihařUse standard method for running editor.
2010-06-09 Michal ČihařUpdate news to mention editor selection.
2010-06-09 Michal ČihařUse new functions for getting default pager/editor.
2010-06-09 Michal ČihařImplement functions to get defaults for editor/pager.
2010-06-09 Adrian Schröterand start with 0.128 development
2010-06-09 Adrian Schrötertag it as 0.127 0.127
2010-06-08 Adrian Schrötermake it possible to run local source services on checko...
2010-06-07 Adrian Schröterfix typo, wrong package name recommended.
2010-06-07 Ludwig Nusselfix osc log without arguments
2010-05-27 Marcus Huewe- print name of the missing key
2010-05-27 Michael Schroeder- fix result query, build package list from all results
2010-05-27 Adrian Schröteradd propper error handling in case running "osc log...
2010-05-27 Adrian Schrötersupport history of projects via "osc log"
2010-05-27 Marcus Huewe- cleanups
2010-05-26 Marcus Huewe- cleanup the new "meta mode" a bit
2010-05-26 Adrian Schröterfix typo
2010-05-26 Juergen WeigertMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-26 Adrian Schröterdo not run services on "osc update" by default.
2010-05-26 Juergen Weigert-
2010-05-26 Juergen Weigertsi.execute now uses shutil.move instead of os.rename,
2010-05-25 Marcus Huewe- fixed import warning + small cleanup
2010-05-25 Marcus Huewe- fixed message str
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröteruse correct apiurl when triggering a rebuild of local...
2010-05-25 Adrian Schrötersupport checkout of underscore packages
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröterharmonized osc parameters, user always "-M" for "-...
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröterfix commit of files in meta mode
2010-05-25 Adrian Schröteradd creation of multiple action requests to NEW file...
2010-05-24 Marcus Huewe- fixed permissions
2010-05-24 brook hongimplement
2010-05-22 Marcus Huewe- getbinaries: cleanup
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröterruntime fixes for last commit
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröteradd validation verbose mode for easier debugging
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröterdon't try to execute temporary files in validator directory
2010-05-22 Adrian Schröter* offer access to deleted projects/packages