2010-02-06 Larry GilbertUpdate source code repository references
2010-02-05 Marcus Huewe- rpmq is always "defined"/not None
2010-02-05 Marcus Huewe- always close the file
2010-02-05 Marcus Huewe- fix + beautify
2010-02-05 Adrian Schröterdo not complain about _service files
2010-02-05 Adrian Schröterallow to skip source services
2010-02-05 Adrian Schröterdo not crash on reading rpms (missuse of filname as...
2010-02-05 Adrian Schröteradd "Allow --prefer-pkgs to parse repodata" feature...
2010-02-05 Adrian SchröterMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2010-02-04 Marcus Huewe- use a tempfile
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusselbetter c&p'able output of osc maintainer
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusselfetch meta data only if it's actually needed
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusseldon't abort osc sr -d due to wrong develproject
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusselparse server diff to generate submitrequest message...
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusselmove changes file diff parser to separate function
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusselremove broken -l option to osc sr
2010-02-02 Ludwig Nusseldisplay details of finish
2010-01-30 Marcus Huewe- distinguish between 'su' and other suwrappers (at...
2010-01-30 Marcus Huewe- don't hardcode path to chroot binary
2010-01-30 Marcus Huewe- fixed #574758 ('"osc" cannot commit "read-only" files.')
2010-01-30 Marcus Huewe- fixed #571491 ("[osc] --local-package always builds...
2010-01-30 Marcus Huewe- added new command "osc chroot"
2010-01-29 Marcus Huewe- use correct package name unless --local-package is...
2010-01-29 Marcus Huewe- also detect a kiwi file
2010-01-29 Marcus Huewe- cleanup + fixed "osc build --local-package..."
2010-01-29 Adrian Schröteruse the baserev on links by default for diffing
2010-01-28 Marcus Huewe- fixed 'project/package/repository/arch' support
2010-01-28 Michal Vyskocilfix exception message in parse_disturl
2010-01-28 Michal Vyskociladd a buildlogurl support to osc remotebuildlog command
2010-01-27 Adrian Schröterfix patchinfo command, not crashing anymore
2010-01-22 Marcus Huewe- use base64 module for base64 encoding (as suggested...
2010-01-22 Marcus Huewe- fixed indention
2010-01-22 Ludwig Nusselupdate TODO
2010-01-22 Adrian Schröterdo not fill crap into our database by default
2010-01-21 Michael SchroederMerge branch 'master' of
2010-01-21 Michael Schroeder- default to expanded for new packages in osc up, like...
2010-01-21 Adrian Schröterfixing attribute set/create command for final 1.7 API
2010-01-20 Michael Schroeder- also freeze if 'up -e' fails, code cleanup
2010-01-20 Marcus Huewe- changed appname handling
2010-01-20 Ludwig Nusselappname should be osc for ssl support
2010-01-19 Marcus Huewe- fixed do_branch
2010-01-18 Luke ImhoffAllow --prefer-pkgs to parse repodata 1
2010-01-18 Adrian Schröterdo not crash on rdiff with 3 arguments (#571483)
2010-01-15 Marcus Huewe- fixed typo in regex
2010-01-15 Ludwig Nusselfix osc r in prj dir
2010-01-15 Ludwig Nusselosc ls -b: allow to specify repo and arch as arguments too
2010-01-15 Ludwig Nusseladd option to prjresults to show results with packages...
2010-01-15 Ludwig Nusseldon't pollute results output with repo status
2010-01-15 Adrian Schröter* fix output of "results" in project dir
2010-01-14 Adrian Schröterpost 0.125
2010-01-14 Adrian Schrötermake it the 0.125 release
2010-01-14 Marcus Huewe- fixed indention
2010-01-14 Marcus Huewe- fixed indention, use list comprehension
2010-01-14 Marcus Huewe- don't read all rpm/deb tags/fields by default
2010-01-14 Adrian Schröter"osc results" calls "prjresults" when being in project...
2010-01-14 Adrian SchröterRevert "new "osc revert" command"
2010-01-14 Adrian Schröter* support linktobranch with local dir
2010-01-14 Adrian Schröternew "osc revert" command
2010-01-13 Adrian Schrötershow scheduler state for each repo with "results" and...
2010-01-13 Adrian Schröterfix syntax error on checkout
2010-01-13 Michal Vyskocilfix of do_bugowner: opts.roles should have the __len__...
2010-01-12 Adrian Schröteradd features from Ludwig and Michael to NEWS file
2010-01-12 Michael Schroeder- add autofreezing of link (obsoletes linkrepair)
2010-01-12 Ludwig Nusselreimplement osc my
2010-01-12 Ludwig Nusselmost help topics are capitalized
2010-01-11 Marcus Huewe- fixed missing exception
2010-01-11 Michael Schroeder- reimplement 'osc pull' so that iw works like intended...
2010-01-11 Adrian Schrötermention the great new stuff (proxy SSL) from Marcus...
2010-01-11 Adrian Schröteradd osc linktobranch command
2010-01-11 Ludwig Nusselimplement three argument form for rdiff as used by...
2010-01-09 Marcus Huewe- added "build-jobs" config option (default: "getconf...
2010-01-09 Marcus Huewe- cleanups + cosmetic changes
2010-01-09 Marcus Huewe- double quote (user specified) pathnames
2010-01-08 Marcus Huewe- fixed proxy support when using m2crypto
2010-01-07 Marcus HueweMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-01-07 Marcus Huewe- fixed #568269 ("osc meta prjconf can waste lot of...
2010-01-02 Michal ČihařFix typos found by lintian.
2009-12-30 Marcus Huewe- adjusted help text
2009-12-30 Marcus Huewe- cleanups
2009-12-29 Marcus Huewe- escape attributes
2009-12-26 Marcus Huewe- fixed do_submitrequest
2009-12-26 Marcus Huewe- fix for 0a6ca4f6c262750251b97f930c798af19f4170a5...
2009-12-25 Marcus Huewe- add a more helpful text (see also #558197)
2009-12-25 Marcus Huewe- useless use of StringIO()
2009-12-25 Marcus Huewe- do_maintainer(): support multiple --role <foo> options
2009-12-25 Marcus Huewe- do_maintainer(): cleanup + renamed "--bugowner_only...
2009-12-25 Marcus Huewe- fix for 81bf93f4f291c1c7f19488ac39bea42c39545a66
2009-12-24 Marcus Huewe- minor changes/"cleanups"
2009-12-24 Marcus Huewe- cleanup: use exceptions
2009-12-24 Marcus Huewe- there's no need to fetch the packagelist if we add...
2009-12-23 Marcus Huewe- code cleanup
2009-12-22 Adrian Schröterfix request listing with given type for certain projects
2009-12-21 Marcus Huewe- cleanup: removed useless objects
2009-12-21 Marcus Huewe- return a list instead of a string
2009-12-21 Marcus Huewe- added "--disable-publish" option to "linkpac" and...
2009-12-20 Pavol Rusnakadd missing exception variable to except block
2009-12-19 Marcus Huewe- updated NEWS file
2009-12-19 Marcus Huewe- added support to specify a default action if a submit...
2009-12-17 Marcus Huewe- commit: check if "_pulled" file exists before removing it
2009-12-17 Adrian Schröteradd comment for "git pull"