- install the util dir
[opensuse:osc.git] / setup.py
2009-03-24 Marcus Hüwe- install the util dir
2009-03-02 Dr. Peter PoemlPutting names at the top of files is is not recommended...
2006-07-14 Dr. Peter Poeml- bump version (0.7)
2006-05-30 Dr. Peter Poemlversion 0.6
2006-05-23 Dr. Peter Poeml- add 'help' subcommand (and add help :-)
2006-05-22 Dr. Peter Poemlincrease version in setup.py as well
2006-05-19 Dr. Peter Poeml0.3
2006-05-10 Dr. Peter Poeml- reorganize source to build a python module