- bump version to 0.130.1
[opensuse:osc.git] / osc / util /
2010-12-04 Marcus Huewe- util/debquery.py: workaround for python2.4's tarfile...
2010-10-21 Marcus Huewe- add "fname" attribute to util.PackageError class
2010-09-06 Marcus Huewe- now product builds should work with "--cpio-bulk...
2010-05-08 Adrian SchröterMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:opensuse/osc
2010-05-06 Ludwig Nusselcatch cpio errors
2010-03-24 Marcus Huewe- fixed #590611 ("'osc build' uses incorrect filename...
2010-03-02 Marcus HueweMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/opensuse/osc
2010-02-28 Pavol Rusnakfix whitespace
2010-02-27 Klaas FreitagMerge branch 'master' of git@gitorious.org:opensuse/osc
2010-02-27 Pavol Rusnaktreat pylint warnings
2010-02-05 Marcus Huewe- rpmq is always "defined"/not None
2010-02-05 Marcus Huewe- fix + beautify
2010-02-05 Adrian Schröterdo not crash on reading rpms (missuse of filname as...
2010-02-05 Adrian SchröterMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2010-01-18 Luke ImhoffAllow --prefer-pkgs to parse repodata 1
2010-01-15 Marcus Huewe- fixed typo in regex
2010-01-14 Marcus Huewe- don't read all rpm/deb tags/fields by default
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe- sigh... python24 fix
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe- fixed implicit release for deb packages
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe- yet another fix for python24...
2009-11-06 Marcus Hüwe- fix for python24
2009-10-20 Pavol Rusnakcode cleanup
2009-10-07 Adrian Schröterdo not die after downloading -debuginfo packages
2009-09-29 Marcus Hüwe- util/debquery.py: implemented dpkg's version comparis...
2009-09-21 Marcus Hüwe- it's lib/rpmvercmp.c instead of rpmio/rpmvercmp.c...
2009-09-21 Marcus Hüwe- util/rpmquery.py: implemented RPM's version compariso...
2009-09-20 Marcus Hüwe- fix for older python versions
2009-09-13 Marcus Hüwe- util/rpmquery.py, util/debquery.py: added "filename_s...
2009-09-12 Marcus Hüwe- added the following new modules:
2009-09-09 Marcus Hüwe- class CpioWrite(): use a valid file mode (default...
2009-09-09 Marcus Hüwe- merged cpio.py and util/cpio.py:
2009-09-09 Marcus Hüwe- get rid of rpm-python:
2009-09-09 Marcus Hüwe- added rpmquery module:
2009-06-04 Marko Jung- fixed exception handling
2009-05-22 Pavol Rusnakadd more checks when working with mmap.mmap
2009-05-20 Pavol Rusnakmmap.mmap works differently under windows
2009-05-05 Michal CiharFix syntax errors with Python 2.4 (bnc#500968).
2009-03-19 Marcus Hüwe- minor fix
2009-03-19 Marcus Hüwe- forgot the usual license stuff...
2009-03-19 Marcus Hüwe- added cpio archive reader. Supported formats:
2009-03-09 Marcus Hüwe- added __str__() method to the ArFile class
2009-03-05 Marcus Hüwe- added docstring
2009-03-05 Marcus Hüwe- added __iter__() method to iterate over an Ar object
2009-03-04 Marcus Hüwe- added licensing information
2009-03-04 Marcus Hüwe- added ar module: this can be used to read ar archives...